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Butterfly Effect: “Hard work pays off afterall”

November 6, 2015 Leave a comment

So it seems that I’ve been posting once every 5- 6 months. Well, since work and Uni I’ve been preoccupied. The only thing stopping me from posting is the fact that I want to keep away from people. I think I’ve grown to the point I had reached the time of blogging yet being fully private.

Since I last posted, I’m not sure if I said that I am working on my previous company. Same company, same work. But since then, I have come to love my career more. I had experienced a lot of mishaps at work these previous months. Ups and downs. But all my supervisors say never to let those things come up to me. Maybe suck it in then spit it out. I’ve heard a few good compliments from everyone about my work as well as my attitude. Sometimes I just feel that I am the ‘ teacher’s pet’ of everyone. I don’t know. I just work my butt off, do better things and be myself. But the feeling of everyone talking behind my back seems to be a big deal for me.

I used to remember that during my work in Bunbury, my previous Head Chef said that I bring positivity and happiness to the group and that I bring us all together. I am not that talented into making new dishes nor my skills were that fully developed. I was still a budding chef at least here in Australia.

Sometime last October, I was my current Head Chef to fill up my student evaluation form. He wrote down that I am positive and reliable. I was so happy and overwhelmed with his comment. He even said that I contributed positive things to the group these past few months. I try to remember what I actually did to make him say that. I have been working hard and trying to patch things with everybody even though I have problems most of the time, I try not to get those people into my nerves. hehe. I try to elongate more my temper with them. After our team was changed, or at least some took off the company so they had to hire new ones, we started to build new and better working relationships. We support each other as to keep the other from having a hard time for the next shift. Makes sense?

My supervisors have been recommending me to do some shifts on other properties of our company. I had worked on that branch before and he said that I was requested by the chefs. I overheard their  CDP/ Sous Chef asking wait staff how was I on my first day working back there. It was busier nowadays there than when I worked there last July. Well, they said everything went well and I am good on what I am doing. The other day, I was surprised. I thought our Executive chef is watching me while I work. Then he leaned beside me and said that I will be a part of the team who will prepare the Christmas party food for the General Managers. I was so overwhelmed and then he said it was on December 11. And I probably be in Bunbury, WA that time, so I had to turn down his proposal. I was in regret that I thought of cancelling my flight and hotel reservations for the trip. I thought that this is my chance to cook for Executives of the company and my chance to prove that I can work in that Luxury property of the company. A chance slipped just like that. I just turned into positive thoughts of me having other chance or next time for a similar task.

Before that, my Executive Chef asked me of my plans after I finish my Degree. Well as of now, I am uncertain. I am still trying to figure out what work would I do after. He said the company is open for some position I wanted, at least based on my credentials and company history of course. I don’t know what he knows about how I work but based from other people, I know they are talking and chatting most of the time of what is happening and about us, their staff. I am not trying to brag about my achievements, well I don’t really have it. lol. I am just saying that “HARD WORK PAYS OFF AFTERALL.” 🙂


Bye June: Stressful and busy month

July 1, 2013 Leave a comment

I haven’t blogged for a long time now. I mean I was busy last June. I’m not sure what July might bring. I am happy at my work now, coped up with a lot of things and still learning a lot.

I was looking some photos from the last few weeks and days before coming here in Australia and it seems to me that I am a different person now. You know that the only permanent thing in the world is change right. My Chefs told me that I lack enthusiasm and passion and work. Since then, I strived hard to prove them wrong, that I am passionate with what I’m doing and is willing to learn. After weeks and months here, my chefs finally begin to notice my improvement. I may sometimes still seem careless and stupid at some things but heck I am better at what I am doing now. My chef said that he was glad that instead of being grumpy and just let their judgement pass, I made a move to improve. Of course I am here to learn and not make “dabog” or “magmaarte” on what I do. Hehe

Anyway, a month had passed since the breakup. My friend said that I look and sound okay nowadays. He also said that this maybe because of my work. He meant was because I’m too busy and tired at work that I can’t bother thinking or feeling down of the break up. “Bilis ko daw mag move on.” Sure as noh! Ever since naman I want to be the best in my career. “Darating nalang ulit yang time for love.”

July is time to start other new things. Focus and strive more at work. And restart my Yoga. 🙂



oh BTW, if you’re from Bunbury (WA) or Australia, come and visit our Silos Restaurant and Bar. We just started our Winter Menu. a lot of new, delicious and fun food on the menu now. 🙂