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Welcome to SugarcoatsHannah

January 13, 2016 1 comment

I have been brainstorming for a while on whether I should start a new channel on Youtube or not. But today, I launched it! Finally! Oh well. It was kind of a struggle actually. I have a day job which is being a chef so how am I going to make videos and edit them instantly? I don’t know. But whatever happens, I will continue uploading videos for my people, mainly for my family and friends

Here is a glimpse of my upcoming videos:


For the first time in Forever: Hi Melbourne

August 3, 2014 Leave a comment

I am starting my blogpost with a big SORRY!!! I was suppose to update you guys when I went back to the Philippines last March. But due to my netbook being dysfunctional and me procrastinating, I haven’t really got any update on my beloved blog. (I might blog about my summer vacation in the Philippines some other time. I mean I can make a travel/location post about those anyway.)

Whenever some thing new happens into my life, that is when I begin to post again.

So here I am again in a new place and back to University to study. After almost 3 months of vacation in the Philippines, I pushed through my plan on going back to Australia. But now, I moved to a new city, Melbourne, Victoria.

Unlike in Bunbury, I didn’t know anyone there which made my first few months hard and lonely. A few years back, I tried to contact my childhood classmate, Vincent, whom I knew moved to New Zealand. To my surprise, their family moved to Melbourne.We started messaging each other when I decided that I wanted to come back and this time in Melbourne.

On July 17, I finally arrived. He offered to pick me up from the airport and was so kind to let me stay in their place for a few days.

I had no expectations towards the city. I just came here to work and study. Saturday, we decided to go to the city. Since I’m not a fan of shopping malls, I told him to bring me to places wherein we can also shoot (photo).

Starting the day with Brunch at Trotters in Lygon street. Every bite of Gnocchi Beef Ragu is a spoonful.

And because we’re both photo enthusiasts, he decided to bring me into a camera museum in Michael’s

Overwhelmed with cameras. haha (Photo by Vincent)

One of the most photographed place in the city

Federation Square. Sometimes, performers are here

Degraves street

I think the highlight of our tour/shoot that day is the Graffiti walls:

Im so happy in this photo. Hosier Lane (Photo by Vincent)

We went to Union Lane and Hosier Lane. I think these graffiti changes everytime.

After a long day, Chicken Curry (forgot where we ate. Too hungry and

Melbourne Central (Mall) has this old train station look.

After a day of walking, talking and shooting, Vincent decided to take me to Brunetti to try something.

“His Tiramisu and Her Cheesecake”

I will have a separate post about Brunetti and their Tiramisu in Heaven. lol

This was a great start for me. I haven’t felt this rush in a long time. I even said that I thought I was still dreaming. I really can’t find the right words to describe everything in one post so I will try my best to post as much info next time. I think I’m too overwhelmed of everything until now.haha

**Hopefully, my next posts will have better photo quality and more informative. haha.

To see more about Melbourne, check out this link.

Taking Back Tuesdays: It’s “About Time”

January 28, 2014 Leave a comment

I wasn’t sure what to watch these days. So I tried to look for movies about life. I wanted to be inspired with my life. I’ve been slacking around most days of my life. I mean all I do is work work work and I forgot how to live a happy life with family and friends.

Thinking of what category this post be, I was torn between “Taking Back Tuesdays” or “The Butterfly Effect”, But I decided it suits more on the first. Time Travel. hehe

If you’re a fan of Time Traveler’s Wife and Butterfly effect, I’m sure that you will like the movie “ABOUT TIME”.

I am not a big believer of second chances, But what if we can undo things and do something else better? Would you do it like what Tim did in finding his life partner, to his sister and to other people? Or will you just live everyday like it is your last?

If I were to travel back in time, I would probably do the exact things that he did. But changing those events has butterfly effect on others. The saying “You Only Live Once” is a good Mantra in life ei. Things we did and regret don’t necessarily mean that it’ll ruin some things in the present or future. It only means that we should make things better in the future.

Like Tim, whenever I miss my dad, I wanted to turn back time to the fun memories we had.

I wanted to spend quality time with my dad badly, but I think I wasn’t able to do so. I can’t remember a time that we spent a day, just the two of us doing something fun or maybe we had spent it but I was too young to remember things. Then again, I still remember the times when he sends and picks me up from school and stopping over to buy food. One of the memorable things that I remember was when I stayed at the boarding house for an entire month and he called me and asked how am I doing at college and when will I be back home. He told me that he’ll cook my favorite food “Sinigang” when I come back. It was the first time that he called to check on me because usually my mom was the one checking.

If I were to choose my life partner, probably I would also do what Tim did. Haha. Lol.

Photo by Hannah Nacis

I mean making things perfect or right for that one person you love. The imperfections of you and your partner is what makes your relationship interesting so why change it. It’s just up to you how you can use those to grow together or fall apart.

And lastly, turning back time for someone’s happiness would be a good idea.

Photo by Teo Esguerra

Don’t be too selfish ei. Helping other people to be happy is also fulfilling don’t you think. But never try to do something if you’ll just end up hurting people for one’s sake. If you have no idea how to help, rather wait for that person to ask for it instead.

Watching this movie makes me want to live my life to the fullest. I mean making it more worthwhile, living the moment and appreciate things and people more. I often forget that the simpliest things are the things that’ll make you happy most of the time. Passing thru the superficial things is hard, but once you get a hang of it, it’s quite nice as well. Make ordinary things extraordinary. Turn bad experiences to good memories.

In reality, we just have to deal with everything and everyone that comes in our way. We just simply need to live life not as how others want it to be but how we want to live our life.


Also Check out Teo’s tumblr portfolio

Life Inspiration: “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” (Movie review)

January 5, 2014 Leave a comment

It’s been so long since I last had a movie or book review here. Anyway, I watched this movie on New Year’s Day and I can say that it is a great movie to jumpstart my 2014. The title itself made me curious on what the story is all about besides that it is a Ben Stiller movie. Anyway, read on if you’re interested on what I saw in this movie.

I wouldn’t even start spoiling you with summary of narration of the movie. Go watch it yourself!!lol. hehe. I watched the trailer and all I can think of was maybe I should watch this in theater instead of me waiting for its copy. It might not be a popcorn movie, but I know that it is worth paying for.  It’s about love, life, finding oneself and journey. Maybe it’s a bit haha. If you’re into photography, journalism, mystery, life story and travelling, you would enjoy this.

There are also life inspiring quotes which I recall from the movie.

 “Beautiful Things don’t ask for attention.” – Certainly, the least noticeable things are the most beautiful of all. Sometimes even the most dangerous things are the most exciting to do.

“Life is about courage and going into the unknown.” – You don’t need a lot of courage to try something. Just trust yourself and you can do anything. J Not knowing is scary, but not trying is scarier.

“To see the world, things dangerous to come to, to see behind walls, draw closer, to find each other and to feel. That is the purpose of life.” – This is the highlight quotation from the movie. It is simple yet very inspiring and straight to the point.

I’m like Walter in a sense that sometimes I have this Zone out moments but not to the point of exaggerating over things. Haha. I mean like a day dreaming sort of Zone out. I was scared to try things. I was stuck in one point of my life not knowing what to do next. But certainties made me try new things in life and made me realize what I’m missing.

I’m not sure if I told you that I’m not a risk taker when I was younger. The fear of failure and rejection comes whenever we think of risks. But you won’t be able to conquer or do anything unless you try isn’t it. You’re just trying to escape or take another way instead of trying. Life is full of risks to jump into. Whether it’s going to be worth it or not, you just need to see the world and experience it. If you won’t succeed the first time, it’s normal. Try again until you get the satisfaction that you want. Never keep yourself in a box. Explore and see the world in a different perspective. You might be surprised on what you’re missing. Being frightened is normal, you can take baby steps and even bring a torch to lessen that fear. You can ask for help if there’s a need. You can also ask for a company (friend/ family) so you won’t feel alone going thru that risky rocky path that you’ll take. Never stop dreaming. Never stop trying.

Seeing this movie made me want to explore more, find myself more and take risks farther than I expect to. At this point of my life, I’m going thru certain issues and life decision. I am afraid, but that doesn’t mean I’ll stop trying.

Hope that I inspire you with something upon my review.


Binondo – Intramuros Date with the SR Guys

May 10, 2012 1 comment

Binondo and Intramuros have been one go to place to those who want to shoot, atleast for Shutter Revolution Members. Last May 4,2012, Some members of the group (Eric, Happie, Aden, Lex, Brylle, Teo and I) decided to have  a photowalk and food trip at Binondo.

Some of us met at Ministop Hidalgo while we met others in Fortress. But while waiting, most of us looked at camera stalls. I bought LR44 Battery in a low price (15php, while 25php in malls). Finally I can use my LCA+ again. I also brought Olympus Pen EED. It’s been a while since I last used it. It’s as if I don’t know how to use it again. 😦

Anyway, because the weather is kind of gloomy, we decided to start our walk to Binondo and find a place to eat our lunch. I still remember the last time I was here. I joined the group in our Chinese New Year photowalk.

Chinatown (Photo by: Hannah Nacis Vivitar IC 100 x Fuji Provia)

It was January 23,2012 that they held Chinese New Year. That time, the whole Chinatown was in celebration. Firecrackers and beating of the drums can be heard and performers seen.

Performers (Photo by: Hannah Nacis, Vivitar IC100 Fuji Provia)

Back to the current walk. We decided to eat in the famous “Estero” where they serve frog as a dish (of course it’s cooked). We decided to order Pancit, Buttered Chicken and Crispy Froglegs. At first look, the crispy froglegs looked like the buttered chicken. Some says it tastes like chicken. I don’t know if it’s just me but I liked how good it tasted. Maybe because of the way they marinated or seasoned it. (Okay sorry I forgot to take digital photos).

From Left: Teo, Lex, Aden, Happie, Eric and I (Photo by: Brylle Instagram)

After lunch, some of us wants to go to Tayhua to check for something (I think it’s cable release). Most of them said that products there are cheaper than in Hidalgo.

On our way:

Signs and Chinese decors (Photo by: Hannah Nacis, Olympus Pen EED True Colors)

Virtual ‘Pendong’ and Sleeping Manong (Photo by: Hannah Nacis Olympus Pen EED True Colors)

Binondo Church (Photo by Hannah Nacis LCA+ Lucky Color)

After Tayhua, Brylle suggested Big Scoop (escolta) for Ice Cream. (Okay sorry again, no digital photos). I think this was one of the happiest moment. We were actually having fun eating ice cream, especially Eric, Teo and I. We had a hard time deciding what to order. Finally, we decided to order a pint (65php each) of Mint Chocolate and Bubblegum Mallows. Kuya Eric described the Bubblegum Mallows flavor as “Too girly” which seems if eaten Butterfly, unicorn and stars might pop. LOLs.

Walking down (Photo by Hannah Nacis LCA+ Lucky Color)

Due to circumstance, Brylle and Lex needed to go. The rest of us (Aden, Eric, Happie, Teo and I) walked to Intramuros to shoot. Everytime we go to Intramuros, we always stop by the Graffitti wall.

Graffitti Wall + Skater Boys (Hannah Nacis LCA+ Lucky Color)

Kuya Eric, Happie and Teo decided to drink (beer) afterwards while Aden and I went home.

In totality, even though they’re all guys, I had fun. 🙂

*More photos here and here

Travel back to Quezon

April 20, 2012 2 comments

Every year, I always look for spending Holy Week at our province in Quezon. People re – enact the Passion of Christ (such as washing of the feet, centurions, the rise from the dead..). Most of the time, I expect a lot of eating and bonding with my family and also a quiet and peaceful time for myself.

This year, I think I’m hoping for more relaxation time away from the city. (April4- 8)

Travel time took longer than expected. It almost took us 12 hours to arrive the house. Whew. It was too hot that day.

The first place my brother and I went was the Bakery were we used to buy breads, but to our surprised, it closed for some reason. We found a bakery near our place but the bread there wasn’t the same as the other. This year was not the same as before. Less seafood were served this time. But still lots of food for snack and meals.

Palitaw (sticky rice with sweet caramel sauce)

As before, we went to see the coconuts. We tasted fresh harvest coconut.

Coconut fruit

Look how blue the sky was

We also watched the Cruxifiction of Christ.

Cruixifiction (but in our province, the Church didn't permit people to actually use nails but instead to use ropes)

The next day, Black Saturday, we went to the beach. Unlike last year, we stayed at a more decent beach.

I did enjoy my stay there but I think I want to stay longer next time. We left Easter Sunday. But unlike the travel going to Quezon, going home to Las Pinas was easier and faster.

*All photos belong to me. (Hannah Nacis)

*Taken using Lumix LX3

Pan de Amerikana (Marikina)

March 29, 2012 2 comments

As promised, I will be blogging about Pan de Amerikana. My friends and I decided to have breakfast here and stay upto 10 am. My bestfriend (Leslie) suggested this as our first stopover eversince we planned the sleepover to her house.

Just a jeepney ride away from her house, we saw it’s Native like exterior.

photo from Pan de Amerikana site

It really does look dreamy even from the outside.

Photo taken using Android app

Upon entering, I was surprised of how spacious it was. The first part that you’ll see is their ordering station and the menu. Their menu caters from breakfast to dinner. With a reasonable price of 50php above, anyone can enjoy a sumptuous meal. Here’s an excerpt of their menu from their site:

If you want to taste authentic 1950’s PAN DE SAL (mega sized wheat P5.50, giant Pandesal Pan Amerikano P55, mega-sized ensaymada P10), MARIKINA DISHES (everlasting and waknatoy), FILIPINO DISHES (ILOKANO-longganisa-papaitan-igado,dinakdakan, pinakbet,sarabasab,dinengdeng, steamed okra,dinuguan BICOLANO-express-laing, tinomok, bicol callos, pinangat, CEBUANO-sinugba, KAPAMPANGAN-sisig bangus-sisig rice-sisig pork, BATANGENO-tawilis), STEAKS (T-bone and Porterhouse), SEAFOODS-plapla bawang, bangus belly, PASTA (carbonara,spaghetti, bolognese, baked macaroni ), BREWED COFFEE , ICED TEA , FILIPINO BREAKFAST MEAL (Daing, Longganiza, Tocino, Tapa), CHINESE (chopsuey, lumpiang shanghai) MUSHROOM delicacies(crispy mushroom)

Nowadays, their Pandesal is 6php. It is still a reasonable price. It is actually a wheat (flour) Pandesal. Their Ensaymada is now 12php and it is also wheat made. THUMBS UP for the price, size and taste!

”]We didn’t think that the Bangus is served in that size. Awesome!

Leslie told us that we should try Everlasting. We just ordered a small one. I even wondered why it was named like that. I was telling them that maybe it has powers like giving a youthful lifetime (lol) or even an unlimited order of that (haha). Kidding aside, based on my readings, it was named like that because it was made and stored for a period of time before it is served and eaten. Pan de Amerikana’s description of it was:

Everlasting – looks like an “embutido” placed in a “Llanera” and is garnished with pickles and carrots. It was called such because it is the food that is “ever present” in almost all the fiestas and gatherings in Marikina.

It does resemble Embutido. Thumbs up for its youthful powers (lolz)

Panoramic view of Pan de Amerikana (photo by Kristel)

The ambiance was homey and comfortable. With its garden like setting, you can have a more relaxing vibe. PDA excerpt:

If you want to dine in a garden setting (waterfalls, treehouse, rope bridge, koi pond, traviesa benches, old antique wood tables, batibot chairs and tables, tropical rain forest plants, wishing well, Italian colonnade European ruins)

photo by Kristel

It is also known for its jumbo sized chess

photo by kristel

What more can I ask for? Nothing. Ask them if they have Wi-Fi? They have. Awesome right!

Before I forget, They also have Tai chi sessions and Art sessions too. ( I just saw the sign at the entrance).


* The restaurant Marikina branch is considered as the ONE OF THE FIVE CHESS THEMED RESTAURANTS IN THE WORLD Pan de Amerikana bakeshop Main office is at 92 ordonez street Concepcion dos MARIKINA (tel. 475-2398) and now has branches located at Katipunan Avenue Quezon City (tel. 421-1966) and another at Wilson street GREENHILLS San Juan(tel.384-6741). The third branch is located at MAKATI AVENUE corner constellation st. beside Savory.

*We also went to their Katipunan branch which is the UPSIDE DOWN RESTAURANT. It’s smaller than in Marikina Branch though.