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Yoga was a change in lifestyle for me

June 21, 2012 4 comments

I’m not fond of exercising ever since. Last Summer 2011, a friend asked me to accompany her to the gym. We enrolled. But after a month, we didn’t came back because our OJT started. The experience of exercising again was fun but these days I need a goal. After the Christmas holiday of 2011, I decided to get fit for the summer.

My first encounter on yoga was when I found this book(I forgot the title) which have exercise routines and its illustration . I tried to do the Pilates and Morning Yoga routine here for two months. I started researching about exercise and found out that Pilates is actually based on Yoga. So I started researching on Yoga instead.

By the end of March, I caught a flu and by April, I lost some interest on exercising using the book. But I still have plans on exercising.I decided to buy a Yoga mat and downloaded Yoga Videos. To start off (again), I weighed myself, stopped the habit of drinking softdrinks and lessened my sugar intake and carbohydrates (especially fries and rice).

I found this 4 week Weight Loss Yoga Challenge from Tara Stiles. I told myself that this time, I’m going to do this wholeheartedly. 🙂

Week 1 Total Body Sweat and Tone

Week 2 Unwind and Detox

Week 3 Strong Abs

Week 4 Work those hips

After a month of yoga, I finally finished the challenge last June 03.I lost atleast 9 lbs (I don’t need a huge weight loss, I just maintain my weight eversince) and my body looks better and I feel better than before.

Why Yoga? Maybe because it is convenient for me, suits my lifestyle. I need a lot of peace and quiet thing to do because I think a lot of times. Some might have a notion that Yoga is easy, but it’s not. Focus is needed a lot to stay in a certain pose. As Tara said, your mind and body is used during Yoga. Yoga for atleast 15mins a day can make you sweat. You’ll feel good after doing so. Think of it this way, going to the gym and doing a lot of those heavy exercise leaves you feeling exhausted after workout. In Yoga, it feels light weight and leaves you with a good disposition throughout your day.

I have a good feeling that I can continue doing Yoga even on my busy schedule.

Hopefully, with this, I inspire other people to exercise and to have a healthier lifestyle  like me. 🙂