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Feed my Appetite for Art

June 14, 2012 Leave a comment

I’ve been always fond of making To Do List since young. This is my way of keeping things organize and keeping me updated to those things I wanted and needed to do (Short Term Goals).

By late last year, I had put a list on what to do before flying to another country with just few months of stay left here in the Philippines. That time, I don’t know if my list is possible to accomplish with just a little time left.

Anyway, this is my list:

*Organize my papers for internship

*Set up a 3ooopc puzzle

*Buy an Acoustic Guitar

*Write a composition (Poetry, essay, etc)

*Paint on Canvass

*Make and Upload video on youtube

*Make a Lomowall

So far so good right. Because of a friend, I became inspired to write poems and paint. Look at my Literary Menu for my poems. I also started contributing article to Today I was published again. Here’s the Link on “A Glimpse on My Fisheye World on Canvass”

Here’s my 2nd painting found on my said article:

A Glimpse of my Fisheye World

This was my first video on Youtube. Actually I made this for my bf. 😛

I won’t say I’m good at these things. But I just wanted to try other things as well. 🙂

Come to notice my list, these things feed my appetite for art. These things brought out my creative side. 🙂


First time in an Art Exhibit Opening

March 21, 2012 4 comments

My boyfriend likes to go to Art Galleries most of the time. Upon seeing an Ad from his contacts, we decided to attend an exhibit opening.

AIAE Homecoming

Last March 05,2012 in Ayala Museum Asian International Art Exhibit was held. Many Filipino Artists participated in this exhibit. One of the artist was Max Balatbat who made Putabangketa.

"Putabangketa" by Max Balatbat

Real Ladies Underwear were used in his work. Cool right. But come to think of it, the message is deep.

There are also some works that caught my attention.

"Punching bag with pacifiers" by Christina Quisimbing Ramilo

"Excubisionist Cat" by Aba Lluch Dalena

"Dambana ni San Miguel" by Ross Capili

One of the most memorable thing happened. We met the artist of this work:

"A Post Traumatic Stress Disorder" by Maxine Syjuco

She was a friend of my boyfriend’s professor in college. We approached her and she gave her calling card to us. WOW! I was starstrucked. I never thought that she was nice. I was sort of intimidated by her beauty. As in.

It was my first time to attend an exhibit opening. It was somehow a cocktail party event but my bf and I were dressed down for the place.. hehe.. I think we also saw some other artists but we didn’t approached them because they were talking to somebody.

But the whole experience is refreshing and cool. 🙂

*All photos were taken by me (Hannah Nacis). Sorry for the low quality photos. I just used my Pentax Optio.