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NYE: Something new..

December 31, 2015 Leave a comment

Hello hello! It’s been a while. I’ve been caught up with things and I kept saying I would blog more but so what. Just follow me on my other account (instagram, twitter, facebook).

Anyway, for this year ender, I’ve been thinking of making this different from my previous ones.

Now, December 31st, I am here with my second family aka my boyfriend’s family celebrating New Year’s Eve. Every year I mostly stay at home just waiting for midnight and then had to sleep because I have work the 1st day of the Year. #cheflife Oh well. But hey, I don’t miss watching fireworks and staying up til midnight to see everyone’s NYE posts. Here in Australia, I learned how to chill and have a quiet celebration. I am fine with this. 🙂

From my last year’s year ender I had these goals for 2015:

♥ travel
♥ get license and start driving soon
♥ be more healthy
♥ save more!!!
♥ do more arts and crafts
♥ move to another house/ apartment
♥ stay happy and inlove. hehe

and all of these I achieved. I didn’t realized it until last month when I started thinking of what to post tonight.

2015 was such a year for me. I’ve experienced certain ups and downs. Within this year, I learned more about myself. That whatever happens, I can still stand up and strive for what is best.

For 2016, I have a simple goal. TO GRADUATE and START A NEW LIFE after. Walk towards becoming permanent here in Australia and a stable life with my significant other. As of now, I’ve got everything that I wanted. I am contented with most things. I learned how to embrace those hardships and deal with them. It seems that asking for more is too much right now. Everything is at its place and I don’t regret anything but grateful for most things.



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