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Strangeness Tag

Once again, I was tagged by my friend Fatima of Rebelspot. I have an idea on what this tag would be because I saw her friend’s blog when I stumbled on it. To do this tag, go to your Site Stats and click on the search engine terms to see how people ended up in your blog using search engine.

I saw my Search engine summaries and found out that some of my book reviews were on top.

Daddy Long Legs – DLL review, novel, book report, juddy abbott cartoon

Peksman Mamatay ka Man Nagsisinungaling ako – review, summary, eros atalia books

People in the Philippines ended up on my blog because of my restaurant review:

Pan De Americana

The thing that I couldn’t believe was that people found me because of my one and only Makeup post. I am no beauty guru but I love makeup, so as 1M other ladies. haha:

Beauty: Going Natural

ever bilena bb cream, shawill cosmetics, etude house, royal jelly mask and soft touch auto lip liner, nichido eyeliner how to apply nichido white eyeliner, best foundation  for oily skin in the Philippines, nichido matte lipsticks, Clinique bb cream swatches, mineral foundation dark skin, bb cream for oily skin, ETC

How to, where to, what, which search terms:

Good place in binondo to shoot

How to make homemade postcard (Postcards)

Which should I read first peksman or ligo na u

How to go to Binondo from Intramuros

How much rental bike in Marikina riverbanks

Where to buy everlasting Marikina

How to go to Pan de Amerikana QC

How to go to Escolta Ice Cream and snacks from binondo church

How to get a practicum at dusit ( It’s good to be back)

Some weird terms I found:

Batibot Chairs (Maybe because of Pan de Amerikana)

Scritta help me destroy you (what?)

Facebook I like Daria (I love Daria. “I almost look likes Daria”)

God saved me (Okay people get inspired on some of my post. Hehe)

Dambana ni San Miguel by Rossi Capili (I have no post about his one. Haha)

My first day ojt at dining restaurant is so hassle (I did post about my ojt experience)

Photos of an autistic 15 yo boy (oh because of one of my book review “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the night time”)

People eating in a restaurant (Yeah I do love eating you know)

Together us once (haha)

Photo Bombing lol (????)

Legsbook.com (?!?!?!?!?!)

Indian Cooking site

Beautiful things don’t mitty (haha wrong grammar ei? “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”)

So eventhough my blog isn’t that popular, atleast people find it because of these posts. haha

So I don’t know who to tag but here:





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