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I’ve been Bag Tagged

So I was tagged by my blogger friend Rebelspot. I couldn’t decide on what bag to post here. But since I went to the beach today, I decided to let you check inside my beach bag.

When I did my Christmas shopping, I got a lot of things for summer.

Tote bag from Rubi shop

Since I still have no beach bag, I got myself this cute tote bag from Rubi shop in Perth. It was so spacious that I can put a lot of things (Knowing me, I really carry a lot of things anywhere).

What’s inside?

What's inside

  1. Change of clothes
  2. Hat (from street market in Singapore)
  3. Sarong
  4. Water bottle (also from Rubi)
  5. Sunglasses (Ralph Lauren)
  6. Instax Camera
  7. LCA+ and Film
  8. House keys (Yey for cute owl Keychain from Smiggle)
  9. Doritos (yeah snack. Haha unhealthy)
  10. Lipbalm (Hawaiian Tropical)
  11. Cellphone (Samsung Galaxy SII)

I also brought towel and cardigan jacket. Sometimes when I go to the beach alone, I bring notebook, pen, vlogging camera (Canon Ixus 125 HS), headphones (and ipod) and also my powerbank.Haha I didn’t realize that I forgot my wallet.lol

What do you usually bring when you’re out for the beach?

  1. January 13, 2014 at 19:24

    Yaaaay, you finally did the tag!! 😀 and the fact that you wrote about a beach bag rather the usual going out bag was really cool!! I love your bag btw!! ❤

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