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Christmas Eve worth remembering

December 25, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

This year’s Christmas Eve is so different for me. I have a close family bond and every occasion is celebrated in our family. We’ll go out and have lunch or dinner in a fancy restaurant. Sometimes, we go out of town and enjoy the sun and the weather. But this year is my first time to celebrate this festive event away from home.

I don’t know what to do, where to stay and what to prepare or if I should even celebrate it. I think this is also the first time that I’m not excited to celebrate. I always follow the countdown from the 100 days before Christmas. I used to list down names of family and friends whom I will give gifts. I used to message all of my friends online and personally. I am a jolly believer of Christmas Season.

This year, I am in Land down under (Australia). I am alone with no family nor relatives. I only have some friends and workmates to celebrate. When I went to the big city, Perth, I bought some gifts for my friends and went gaga shopping for myself. hahaha. Day of Christmas eve, 24th December, I worked Split shift. I spent my break looking for other gifts for my friends and finished my gift wrapping.

Recently, I found my new special someone. He is in the Philippines miles and miles apart from me. We couldn’t help but become sentimental over things we could’ve done together for this season. Like me, He works away from his family. In other words, he’s gonna spend Christmas alone with no family at home. When I told my mom about this, my mom and brother asked him to spend Christmas Eve at my place. I wasn’t even sure if this was serious. But I still told him that. Without any hesitations, he said yes. I was shocked because I don’t know if he’ll go there without me. It’ll be his first meeting with my family and I’m not there. Terrifying isn’t it!!!! I was so anxious that I couldn’t sleep well that night. hahahaha

Christmas Eve, I was at my close friend’s home. My mom called her if I can stay there and spent Christmas Eve. We have a festive Noche Buena. I also had a good talk with my boyfriend and family over skype and viber. I was seeing them so happy that I didn’t even feel sad that I’ve got to spend that night away from them. They were so happy. I am happy.

Afterwards, I had another alone time with boyfie. It was really such a good talk that we almost slept 4am. hahahaha. (I’ll tell you all about him next time okay. 🙂 ). He woke me up at 7am to tell me he is off to work and that he had a great Christmas Eve with my family.

Spending Christmas Eve away from home isn’t bad after all. 🙂




  1. December 25, 2013 at 12:48

    I’m so happy for you, Hannah. Merry Christmas to you and your family and to your new special someone. Cheers!

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