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Christmas Summer Nights: Inspired or Sentimental?

Oh I guess it is finally the time of the year wherein people get excited over things and of course the events. December means it is the start of Christmas Season at least for other countries. But in the Philippines, we start our season once September comes (“-Ber” months).

This year, my Christmas season is different. I am in Australia. I am with no family and just friends I barely know until now. It’ll be my first Christmas away from home, thus, my family L . Whenever people ask me what I want for Christmas, I couldn’t think of anything. I always tell people that I have everything that I wanted, materially speaking though. Haha. Most girls are said to be materialistic, but I think I am different. Yeah I want some things, but most of the time I always pray for good health, happiness, wisdom and peace of mind. These are the intangible things that I want.

I have been walking to work these days and I realized that I merely see the beauty of my surroundings. I started to notice the flowers, trees, birds and the sun rising. I feel more inspired as I walk my way to work. Even the cold summer breeze during the night inspires me. I seldom feel good and relax nowadays. But the breeze made me remember a lot of memories; my childhood, my friends, my family and even my ex – boyfriend.

I think most people feel sentimental during December or Christmas Season, the time of the year that is most celebrated but come to think of it, some people, including me, find it lonely. It was December of 2009, my father is bed ridden and we have to spend Christmas in the hospital. I was so sad that night. While everyone is sleeping, I can’t help but wonder how life would be without my father. L Another memory I always remember was back in 2003 or 2004. My family is having financial problems that time so it was our first Christmas which is not that festive. My mom even gave us inexpensive gifts despite our situation.

For last Christmas, my mom tried her best to make it so happy and festive. We have my Aunt’s family for Christmas and we did have the best time. My mom wanted me to experience happy Christmas since she knows I’ll be spending it alone this year.

Anyway, all is well nowadays. I have to update you people about what is happening to me. ASAP.



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