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The Butterfly effect: Stay or Go

September 18, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

I am starting this “The Butterfly Effect” in my blog today. This is looking through different angles of life wherein your actions and decisions in life affects or has an effect on others.

I haven’t really blogged or vlogged lately. Maybe because things seem to be going against my way. People seem to be unreachable these days. I mean I am not blaming them for doing things their way, but if somehow they still care things would be better.

You cannot really tell what will happen in the future. People just come and go.

I. There are those people whom you don’t expect to come. You willingly accept them in your doorstep, feed them and even let them stay. But what happens if this stranger becomes too comfortable staying at your place? Yeah you’re getting annoyed. But hey you, it was your decision to let him in. Nonetheless, you can decide to either let him stay or ask him to leave. What happens after he leaves? You both go your separate ways. It is your choice if you still want him to come back though. But what if he never comes back? Is it his lose or your lose?

II. Someone ,whom you became almost close to family, plans to leave. Should you ask him to stay? You know for a fact the he has a valid reason. It is for his own good. Yeah own selfish act most of the time. Because of this plan of leaving, he then disregards things or people whom he’ll leave. What will you do? What will you say to him? He decided his own fate, so just move on and stop whining about him leaving.

III. What if it is I who should decide whether to stay or go? What will I do? other people’s advice won’t matter still. It is I who needs to decide on what to do. It is a life long decision that most people experience. It may be as simple as staying or leaving your house to go to work or to the mall. One decision can change your entire life and others as well.

What will happen when you realize that you cannot do anything on any of these scenarios? Will you just go with the flow or will you still go against it? Will you be able to cope up with the changes that will occur? Think of it that at least your paths crossed whether anyone decides to stay or go. 🙂

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