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First Birthday away from home

So I have a series of stories on how I had my birthday here in Australia.

Pre Birthday Celebration (May 16)

Chelo and Cristina, together with their husbands, were very kind to invite me to have breakfast with me at a café. We supposed to have dinner on my birthday and go clubbing, But because of our different schedules, they decided that instead of dinner, make it breakfast. We had breakfast at One Forty Café.

Cristina, Hannah (Me), Chelo

Their food serving was really worth the price. I mean I was used to having regular sized bread and bacon. Look at the photo that I took. I mean I didn’t even finish my food. Yum.

Poached Egg with Bacon and Sausage

After we finished, I wasn’t aware that they would surprise me with a Cupcake with a candle. Yeah it was cute and pink.lol. I mean also yummy. I had to just take it home cause I’m too full to eat it.

Yeah I’ll blow my candle

At work, I thought it would just be a regular day. I was busy going in and out of the storage area that when I came inside, Paula turned off the lights and my colleagues sung me a Happy Birthday song with a cake candle and card. I wasn’t expecting something from them. I was really happy that I thought no one will notice that it is my birthday tomorrow.

On my Birthday (May 17)

Today is 24th birthday. I mean age doesn’t matter to me but every time people ask me what’s my age, usually I don’t tell them. Most of the time, they thought that I’m either 18 or 21, well thanks guys. Hehe

Anyway, Tita Melody was kind to go with me to have groceries for my party. I cooked Potato and Pumpkin Au Gratin (Baked), Penne Sausage Pasta, Leek and Thyme Chicken Roulade. I was supposed to use the vanilla sponge cake that I bought and garnish it with fresh fruits and syrup but I was too lazy at the party to even make it so I just served it as it is.

Party Food Porn. hehe

Then at the party/ gathering, I saw some of my other friends. I didn’t know that we have the same common friend. Filipino community here is bonded ei. I also met familiar and new faces. We had to chat chat and chat the whole night. I mean I enjoyed sitting and getting to know other people. I’m lucky to meet these people. Thinking that I am alone here in Australia for a year, who would have thought that I won’t feel home sick. Hehe

Yeah. Guys are outside. It’s just us Ladies.

I was home almost 12am and I Skyped with my family and boyfriend. I blew candles with my cake here with them.

Blowing my candles on Cam

Yeah I miss them especially my bf and my cat. I video my cat via skype and she was still as cute as before. I miss Yuri (my cat)

Yuri on Skype

Post Birthday (May 18)

I woke up late hence I didn’t have my breakfast. Good thing that I had a brunch schedule with Arlene, also one of my Filipina co – worker at the Hotel.

Arlene and I

She picked me up at home and we went to Bunbury Forum and had our lunch at the Dome. They told me that food there is good. But I think expensive compared to the Birdcage Café. The food portion is less but enough for me. Hehe.

Chicken Parmigiana with Salad and Chips

After lunch, we went to Big W and heck I went shopaholic mode again. Grrrrr. I have a guilt feeling every time I go shopping. In the Philippines, I seldom do clothes shopping while compared here I do it every pay day. Imagine right. But I don’t spend all my pay and seldom do I splurge for expensive stuff. I really enjoy dressing up here cause in the Philippines I can’t usually wear the clothes that I want. I think about what others might say. But here, I can wear anything. Hehe. We went back to town, look at shops again and went home. And I bought 4 bottles of Strongbow again. 😛

I spent my remaining hours at home watching Be Careful with My Heart and blogging.

What more can I asked for right.



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