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Soul Searching in Bunbury Australia

Nah, I’m kidding. I’m currently here for an Internship. I am working at a Hotel’s kitchen as a Chef Apprentice. I’m now on my third week. As for what happened in my first two weeks, life was hard. I was just starting everything as from nothing. I had to learn everything in our restaurant’s menu. I still have no accommodation for 12months. My mom stayed with me at the hotel. Kindly, my hotel provided me 2weeks free stay. But because of circumstances, we have to move somewhere. Just 5minutes from my work. Gratefully, I found someone who was also looking for a place to stay for 12months as well. He is a Pastry Chef, so He also knew what I was experiencing as a chef. In just a day, we found a place to stay, just 15minutes away from work. I was more at ease there than the apartment my mom and I stayed for a week.

Now that I’m on my 3rd week here, I’m doing well actually. My chefs let me do breakfast service by myself now. But I’m still trying to sort things during dinner service. In time, I told myself. Yeah. I found friends at work but I’m still collecting more confidence to go out there to be active maybe in arts and sorts.

Yey payday. Unlucky, because I forgot my atm pin, the machine swallowed my card. So I still have to wait another week for a replacement. Haha. And btw, I’m buying a bike with a cute basket in front. This way, I can easily go to places here in Bunbury.

Up until now, I still getting myself familiar of places, how to get there and what not. Yeah I can figure things out soon. And after I get a bike, I promise to post photos and videos here as well.


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