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Taking Back Tuesdays: Life is Harsh!!

I just realized that it took me six months to realize how I really love reading books and writing whatever topic comes to mind. I was too busy starting out my career as a Cook and hopefully a Chef that I forgot how it feels to write.

I’ll be starting out this Taking Back Tuesdays wherein I will share to you some of my past experiences in life which can inspire you.


It has been almost eight months since I became a bum. I mean I wasn’t able to find a work after finishing my academic years due to personal reasons. July to September 2012 I was recommended to re train. I felt refreshed. I wasn’t aware that I hadn’t lost my skills in cooking and Managerial skills. I became a trainee at my University’s Coffee Shop. But then again, some things I’m working on made me stressed and depressed. I don’t have a back up plan. And then I decidedd to start working thus earning some funds of my own insteaad. Luckily, I was accepted as a Kitchen staff at a Cafe- Restaurant. And nowadays, that’s what’s keeping me excited is I’m off to a greener pasture soon.

I realized a lot of things after these things happened.

Life is harsh! It is really a pain in the ass. Smallest thing can happen and suddenly everything can change. Even the slightest decision can make a lot of difference.

When things went wrong, make it right by starting again. You can’t undo some mistakes you did that made the situation worse. Instead of stressing and/or depressing over those, set new goals. I’m sure you can make it right this time. 🙂

Frustrations, problems and such can ruin you. I understand the feeling of being frustrated. The feeling that everything seems to be out of your plan. Instead of thinking why these happened to you, just think and believe that everything and everyone will have their own time.

Waiting and Patience is a virtue. Just trust that in time, everything will be okay.

(If you’re not into waiting..) Why wait later when you can act now! Nothing will happen to you if you just wait on fate to land on your shoulders. If waiting is not a plan, then don’t wait and lay around. Walk and run towards your goal. Start now!

It had no time to waste those times that I thought about these things. I have to decide in days on what to do with my life, specifically with my career. May these things clear your mind and Start this year right. 🙂

By the way, HAPPY NEW YEAR. 🙂

*Hopefully I can revive my blog again. I really miss this space. 🙂

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