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Ocean is about relationships, struggle and life.

In every person’s life, there comes a time where one must observe his or herself to realize something worth thinking for. Only some of us are aware that the simplest things in life are the best thing there is.

One time I sent a friend my homemade postcard made from vellum card and photo I shot, I told him that the picture has a deeper meaning beyond being beautiful and inspiring. This was the photo I sent him.

Photo by Hanah (Me) with Olympus Xa x Fuji Ektachrome

I told him this thing, “Life is like an ocean. It’s wide, deep and far away. Despite these things, always remember that there are still people who are there to guide and be with you to reach the end of the ocean.” I wasn’t sure why I told him this thing. But, “Hey it’s worth something right?”

The Homily of last Sunday’s Mass was something of what I said. Hearing this, I became inspired to write something.

Ocean in Relationships:

Photo by Hannah(Me) with Kodak Disposable Underwater Camera

Relationships are like the ocean. One must dive through it to see it underlying wonders. Things are at risk especially ones life. The danger of swimming in the deep part of the ocean is too risky even if you know how to swim.You can either go surf with the waves or die if you can’t take too much current. The best way to feel safe in the ocean is to have someone or a buddy with you at all times. But that doesn’t guarantee you anything still. With the ocean’s vast environment, you can only go to the other end by riding a boat or ship. But still, chances are that you are still at risk at all times.

Some says to go with the flow. But sometimes it is better to go against the current. Think of it this way, what if you go with the flow and found that you are going at the deepest part of the ocean, would you still go with it? It’s like in life, going with the flow will be none sense if you know in the end that you will be in danger right? In everyone’s journey towards life, you need at least someone to be with you in order to go to the path you want to take.

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