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EK x Soderno Escape

Last May 25,2012 my friends and I should be skating, but due to reasons, we decided to finally go to Enchanted Kingdom (theme park in Laguna). We were planning this for such a while but we haven’t taken this seriously most of the time. Despite a short notice, we just continued to go there.

Finally, a day to spend for enjoyment. It was on my third year in high school when I last went there. That time, I didn’t enjoy much of the rides. After riding the Space Shuttle (Roller Coaster), the rest of the day was such a pain in the head. I felt nauseated and felt like vomiting. oh well.

Space shuttle (Marc photo bombing.lol)

It was a big mistake for us to ride Jungle Log Jam. We somehow got wet. Then we continued to ride Rio Grande. It was a mistake for me to wear shoes that day. I should’ve worn slippers due to those rides like these two which will make me wet. After the ride took off, I also took off my shoes and socks even though the Ride operator told me not to. haha. Because I easily get colds, I changed shirt afterwards.

We ate Chimichanga from a Mexican food stall near the foodcourt. Yeah it’s awesome. Sumptuous. Then we rode other rides such as Bump car, Anchor’s away (which made me scream so much) and Ferry’s Wheel. Because of boredom, we made a Lip Synch-ing Boston (Augustana) video up there:

I can’t believe that I was convinced to ride Space Shuttle. But I thought, “Most things are once in a lifetime experience. Why let it pass if you can try even for once.” I like the adrenaline rush it gave me. But after riding that, I felt the same as before, nauseated and vomiting. So we went to the First Aid area and asked for an ointment. We also ate frozen bananas. My bad feeling of vomiting was gone. Yey.

We decided to try Lazer Tag. It was a Lazer Maze where you must get to the buttons and push them. Fortunately, Candice came in second place.

Here is her Video. hehe. (Peace Candice) πŸ™‚

Our last stop before going home was the Horror house. Heck We don’t know if we’re going to be scared or laugh. It was sort of scary at first but we laughed at ourselves. haha. The last person at the exit won’t let us out. We actually said Abracadabra, Alacazam, Open Sesame. I said the chant for levitation (in Harry Potter) and then he let us out. He was a Harry Potter fan I think.lol.

The Magic stays with you

And I forgot to tell you that I bought a Jester hat and wore it the entire time. πŸ™‚

Me doing the ‘Candice Pose’

After EK, we had to eat atleast something. We decided to go to Soderno (Night Food Market at Alabang). Food choices were limited that night but we found a craving, Street food ‘ihaw’.

Pork, Chicken Innards, Corn, Barbeque, Quail Eggs

When and where are we heading next? Find out on my future posts. πŸ™‚

**All photos and Lip- Synch-ing video are taken using LUMIX LX3

**Video Frogcour c/o Marc

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