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Wicked Roadtrip (New Bombay, The Avengers, Gourmet, Qoola Yogurt & A GanTea)

Recently, I’ve been watching TLC (The Lifestyle Channel). Most of the shows there talks about travel and food, but mostly food. Since I’m a Culinary Arts major, it is a must for me to know the latest trends in the industry and also know different cultures as well.

Most of the time, I eat out with a friend (Marc Mondelo). I love eating with her because she’s the one who taught me to be open and adventurous towards food. I also found out that my good friend Candice is like this. We also eat differently everytime.

One time, we talked about Indian food, its aroma and taste, and decided to have a foodtrip the next time.

Last May 05,2012 Candice, MC and I met to try Indian food. Candice recommended New Bombay since she have tried it. We also decided to watch The Avengers.

Candice said that the price is higher in the Restaurant than in the foodcourt (Foodcourt = 150-200php/dish, Restaurant = 250+php/ sharing dish), but I insisted on eating in the Restaurant for an authentic feel. We tried two of their best sellers.

Chicken Tikka Masala

Mutton Rogan Josh

We ordered Chapatti (bread) and Vegetable Samosa (with mint coriander and tamarind chutney sauce). Both Chicken Tikka Masala and Mutton Rogan Josh are Curry. But they taste different.

Chicken Tikka Masala is Tender pieces of boneless grilled chicken cooked in rich tomato sauce with exotic masala (indian spice) and in a thick gravy. Mutton Rogan Josh is an aromatic gourmet curry dish in India, its unique styleΒ  of cooking and the perfect blend of spices garnished with nuts. (As described in their menu)

The Sauce of the Mutton is thicker than the Chicken. The Mutton sauce can be compared to Filipino Caldereta/ Mechado but better and spicier. Between the two, I prefer the Chicken.

Vegetable Samosa

We also like to order their Paneer (Cottage cheese) but because MC and I are Lactos intolerant, we decided not to order this. πŸ˜›

Left to right: Candice, MC and I

Taste wise, I don’t have a problem. Or maybe just that it leaves a foul smell (Bad breath). lol. Seeing the Restaurant and the people eating there (mostly Middle Eastern, I think) is intimidating. It’s as if people will stare at us Filipinos for eating there. Anyhow, I told my friends that those people don’t know us so might as well eat and try the food. πŸ™‚ Ambiance is nice and the servers are friendly. Value for food is okay considering that the dish is for sharing.

Okay I had fun eating! enough said. (I even spilled some sauce on my shirt.haha)

After eating an early dinner, we searched for a sweet dessert that can counteract with the after taste of Indian Spices. We passed by Gourmet which sells French Macaroons for 35php. Taste is okay but I like Bizu’s more.

Mc, Hannah, Candice (I can’t remember what we ordered though)

After going to the wash room, we still had time to search for a real dessert.

Mc ordered yoghurt while Candice and I ordered Fruit Tea

We went to Greenbelt and tried Qoola Yogurt and A Gantea. We hurried so we’ll be on time for the Avengers. (Okay I won’t insert a review on Avengers here. )

After the movie, I suggested that we take a photo in the photobooth at Timezone. Due to circumstance, it doesn’t have a Bluetooth thingy.. But I have the Hardcopy. πŸ™‚

In the end, We had a lot of fun. I was with my Highschool friends, we did get to watch the Avengers and We enjoyed our foodtrip at New Bombay. πŸ™‚

NEW BOMBAY: 5 Thumbs Up.. πŸ™‚

*All photos are taken by Hannah Nacis (Me) with Lumix LX3

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