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Bambino Jdrama

Days ago, I became bored again and decided to ask my brother if he has a series saved from his girlfriend. He just lend me the copy of Bambino (Jdrama). I had no idea what it is about. I just like to watch it because it has Eleven (11) episodes.

Bambino Poster

Bambino (Opening)

From the first episode, I understood what it is all about. It was actually a good series for those who has a dream to become a Chef, specifically an Italian Cuisine Chef.

Ever episode was worth watching. It has comedy, drama, friendship, dream, career, love and life stories. Being worth it I mean that I learned life lessons from each episode. Even some episodes made me teary eyed :P.

I highly recommend it to Hotel and Restaurant students and soon to be working in the Hospitality industry for Food and Beverage. It was so far the series that I can really relate to in terms of my career (HRM graduate).

I used to remember how I struggled in the Dining area and also in the Kitchen. For my new readers, I was HRM major in Culinary Arts graduate. I had my on the job training at Tamayo’s Restaurant. During my ojt there, I was assigned at the Dining area first. Like Ban (Bambino), I also disliked being in the Dining area. It’s as if the world turned around. Even in our In house training, I wasn’t fond of the Dining area. But because of Bambino, I now fully understand what I went through.

But I know that everybody can relate to how hard it is to cope up and fit in. Self pity will be experienced, but despite of that, there are people who will help you get up.

Everybody is a Bambino! 🙂

Bambino: 5 Thumbs up 🙂 Yeah I really loved this because I can relate to most of the episodes.

*It suddenly hit me that in a few months time, I will be working in a foreign place.. I don’t know anybody and I don’t know the place.. I think it’s really timing that I watched this series. 🙂

Bambino: A drama adaptation of a popular comic written by Sekiya Tetsuji. After a year of working at a neighborhood Italian restaurant, Ban Shogo (Matsumoto Jun), an enthusiastic, cocky young college student from Fukuoka, comes to Tokyo to perfect his cooking skills as a chef in Italian cuisine. He discovers he has much to learn and has to continually prove himself to the very competitive, quick and efficient staff at the upscale Italian restaurant. (from http://wiki.d-addicts.com/Bambino!)

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