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Travel back to Quezon

Every year, I always look for spending Holy Week at our province in Quezon. People re – enact the Passion of Christ (such as washing of the feet, centurions, the rise from the dead..). Most of the time, I expect a lot of eating and bonding with my family and also a quiet and peaceful time for myself.

This year, I think I’m hoping for more relaxation time away from the city. (April4- 8)

Travel time took longer than expected. It almost took us 12 hours to arrive the house. Whew. It was too hot that day.

The first place my brother and I went was the Bakery were we used to buy breads, but to our surprised, it closed for some reason. We found a bakery near our place but the bread there wasn’t the same as the other. This year was not the same as before. Less seafood were served this time. But still lots of food for snack and meals.

Palitaw (sticky rice with sweet caramel sauce)

As before, we went to see the coconuts. We tasted fresh harvest coconut.

Coconut fruit

Look how blue the sky was

We also watched the Cruxifiction of Christ.

Cruixifiction (but in our province, the Church didn't permit people to actually use nails but instead to use ropes)

The next day, Black Saturday, we went to the beach. Unlike last year, we stayed at a more decent beach.

I did enjoy my stay there but I think I want to stay longer next time. We left Easter Sunday. But unlike the travel going to Quezon, going home to Las Pinas was easier and faster.

*All photos belong to me. (Hannah Nacis)

*Taken using Lumix LX3

  1. April 20, 2012 at 17:44

    Nice shots. What place in Quezon are you that it took you almost 12 hours?

    • April 20, 2012 at 18:01

      It’s in San Narciso Quezon. I think it is the farthest part of Quezon. There was some traffic and a few stopover that’s why it took us long..

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