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Up Dharma Down brought us together once again

Last March 24,2012 was a great night for my friends and I.

Through twitter, I read Up Dharma Down’s post about their gig that night at San Miguel Pub at Alabang Town Center.

My friends (Candice, Marc and Kristoffer) and I always go to this gig once in a while. As I remember, this is where we first hang out and since then, we spend time every time we can. I think this is our third time together in UDD gig.

Tonight, we have another friend who came with us. She was Rain. She said that it was her first time to watch an OPM Indie Band. Yey for Rain. 🙂

Not Another Boy Band opened the gig. Candice and I watched them back in Rock the Riles 2011. This band made me realize that I still have a chance as a singer and/or in a band.lolz. Check them out here:


They really make me smile through their music. 🙂 They are fun and youthful (hehe). Just check them out if you want to enjoy your time.

Up Dharma Down. Photo by Marc Mondelo (instax)

Up Dharma Down really made an impact on my friends and I. I don’t know about them but I love UDD thus where I founded my blog’s name (from their song Sugarcoats and Heartbeats). I found their songs so captivating that every words seemed they’re for me. 😛 Anyway, I think in this gig, they played some new songs ( I’m not sure though) or songs that I’m not familiar perhaps. But they didn’t forget to play their popular songs which where Tadhana and Indak.

Candice, Carlos Taneda (Lead guitar) and I (photo by Marc Mondelo Instax)

Because Kristoffer wasn’t able to attend the gig (because of duty), he decided if we can just meet him after the gig. While we are still outside the San Mig Pub, our friends Katherine and RJ passed by and so we said Hi to them. We asked Rj to take our photo (Thank you). Nice seeing those guys. 🙂

Rain, Marc, Candice and I. (Photo by RJ with Marc's Instax)

We stayed up almost 3am at Starbucks near Molito. We did catched up with stories and such. Going home, I decided to let Candice stay at my home while Marc at Rain’s.

Truly, Up Dharma Down brought us together once again. 🙂

**Not Another Boy Band and Up Dharma Down were in the same record label which is Terno Recording. They are also with Encounters with Yeti, Radioactive Sago Project, Sleepwalk Circus, Musical O and other Indie bands.

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