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SR 1st year Anniversary/ Mustache Party

April 30, 2012 Leave a comment

It’s been 2 weeks since I attended Shutter Revolution’s first year Anniversary/ Mustache Party. We celebrated it last April 15, 2012 at Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Quezon City.

Photo by Manuel Chua

The group was formed because of our interest in Analog Photography (also for Lomography). Actually we were from another group back then but due to circumstances, most of us decided to form another group. We were not mere acquiantance but we became friends as time passed by.

Anyway, it was picnic style of celebration and also we incorporated it with mustache. Each of us must have his/ her mustache (for fun). Each of us brought something for potluck. The moderators also prepared stuff to be raffled.

Photo by Manuel Chua

Photo by Manuel Chua

Of course I still met some newbies. 🙂 One member, Sir Vince, actually brought his stuff to sell. I was really tempted to buy, so I bought 3pcs Sensia 100iso and 3pcs negative films (I forgot what film). I also bought a pouch (which was made from empty Pancit canton wrapper) from my friend Tsi.

I forgot to tell about what camera I used. I brought my LCA+ and Lumix LX3. I borrowed my friend’s Recessky TLR and loaded it with Ilford 400. I was somehow saddened because my LCA+ was dysfunctional those days because of low battery. 😦 Good thing I borrowed the Recessky. It was my first time to use it. Actually I was fond of it because of the view (I mean the viewfinder). It looks cool (we call it TV/Live show). Some people use it for portraits. And because Ilford is Black and White film, I decided it would be better if I use it for Portraits.

Photo by Hannah Nacis (Recessky TLR x Ilford)

At 4pm, we went near the pond and shoot there also.. Few months before my departure, I really want to enjoy my time with  Shutter Revolution. 🙂

Photo By Jerilee (Sprocket Rocket)

*And yes, I don’t have digital shots of the picnic, but atleast I did nice shots with the Portraits (Click here)


Travel back to Quezon

April 20, 2012 2 comments

Every year, I always look for spending Holy Week at our province in Quezon. People re – enact the Passion of Christ (such as washing of the feet, centurions, the rise from the dead..). Most of the time, I expect a lot of eating and bonding with my family and also a quiet and peaceful time for myself.

This year, I think I’m hoping for more relaxation time away from the city. (April4- 8)

Travel time took longer than expected. It almost took us 12 hours to arrive the house. Whew. It was too hot that day.

The first place my brother and I went was the Bakery were we used to buy breads, but to our surprised, it closed for some reason. We found a bakery near our place but the bread there wasn’t the same as the other. This year was not the same as before. Less seafood were served this time. But still lots of food for snack and meals.

Palitaw (sticky rice with sweet caramel sauce)

As before, we went to see the coconuts. We tasted fresh harvest coconut.

Coconut fruit

Look how blue the sky was

We also watched the Cruxifiction of Christ.

Cruixifiction (but in our province, the Church didn't permit people to actually use nails but instead to use ropes)

The next day, Black Saturday, we went to the beach. Unlike last year, we stayed at a more decent beach.

I did enjoy my stay there but I think I want to stay longer next time. We left Easter Sunday. But unlike the travel going to Quezon, going home to Las Pinas was easier and faster.

*All photos belong to me. (Hannah Nacis)

*Taken using Lumix LX3

I almost look like DARIA (MTV Cartoon)

April 17, 2012 Leave a comment

If you are my friend on facebook, I posted something like this: ” I almost look like DARIA (MTV Cartoon).”

Last March 28, I decided to have a haircut (I need a trim). But because my mom decided to have a hair treatment that might take longer, I also decided to try something new (as in for the first time). I decided to dye my hair. The idea just came to mind.

Honestly, I was scared at first and thought of backing out. Oh well, I just decided to choose something lighter than my normal hair color (dark brown).

I have lesser fear now than before when it comes to my hair. Last November 2010, I cut my hair short (A style Bob cut) and rebonded my hair – because I want change. (O come on) I just need something different for myself that time because I was broken – hearted. 😛 Anyway, it’s just hair, it’ll grow back.

This is not just because of the lighting, it is the real color. But I think it faded a bit nowadays. And yes, I’m in a fitting room trying out a cover – up (but I haven’t used it yet).

As for the Daria comparison, she’s one of my favorite cartoon and I sometimes use her as profile photo. I wear glasses (with real lens and grade) and I just noticed that I have almost the same hair color as she has. Maybe some time I can dress up like her. 😛

*Comment if you think the hair color works for me. 🙂


Up Dharma Down brought us together once again

April 11, 2012 Leave a comment

Last March 24,2012 was a great night for my friends and I.

Through twitter, I read Up Dharma Down’s post about their gig that night at San Miguel Pub at Alabang Town Center.

My friends (Candice, Marc and Kristoffer) and I always go to this gig once in a while. As I remember, this is where we first hang out and since then, we spend time every time we can. I think this is our third time together in UDD gig.

Tonight, we have another friend who came with us. She was Rain. She said that it was her first time to watch an OPM Indie Band. Yey for Rain. 🙂

Not Another Boy Band opened the gig. Candice and I watched them back in Rock the Riles 2011. This band made me realize that I still have a chance as a singer and/or in a band.lolz. Check them out here:

They really make me smile through their music. 🙂 They are fun and youthful (hehe). Just check them out if you want to enjoy your time.

Up Dharma Down. Photo by Marc Mondelo (instax)

Up Dharma Down really made an impact on my friends and I. I don’t know about them but I love UDD thus where I founded my blog’s name (from their song Sugarcoats and Heartbeats). I found their songs so captivating that every words seemed they’re for me. 😛 Anyway, I think in this gig, they played some new songs ( I’m not sure though) or songs that I’m not familiar perhaps. But they didn’t forget to play their popular songs which where Tadhana and Indak.

Candice, Carlos Taneda (Lead guitar) and I (photo by Marc Mondelo Instax)

Because Kristoffer wasn’t able to attend the gig (because of duty), he decided if we can just meet him after the gig. While we are still outside the San Mig Pub, our friends Katherine and RJ passed by and so we said Hi to them. We asked Rj to take our photo (Thank you). Nice seeing those guys. 🙂

Rain, Marc, Candice and I. (Photo by RJ with Marc's Instax)

We stayed up almost 3am at Starbucks near Molito. We did catched up with stories and such. Going home, I decided to let Candice stay at my home while Marc at Rain’s.

Truly, Up Dharma Down brought us together once again. 🙂

**Not Another Boy Band and Up Dharma Down were in the same record label which is Terno Recording. They are also with Encounters with Yeti, Radioactive Sago Project, Sleepwalk Circus, Musical O and other Indie bands.