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Pan de Amerikana (Marikina)

As promised, I will be blogging about Pan de Amerikana. My friends and I decided to have breakfast here and stay upto 10 am. My bestfriend (Leslie) suggested this as our first stopover eversince we planned the sleepover to her house.

Just a jeepney ride away from her house, we saw it’s Native like exterior.

photo from Pan de Amerikana site

It really does look dreamy even from the outside.

Photo taken using Android app

Upon entering, I was surprised of how spacious it was. The first part that you’ll see is their ordering station and the menu. Their menu caters from breakfast to dinner. With a reasonable price of 50php above, anyone can enjoy a sumptuous meal. Here’s an excerpt of their menu from their site:

If you want to taste authentic 1950’s PAN DE SAL (mega sized wheat P5.50, giant Pandesal Pan Amerikano P55, mega-sized ensaymada P10), MARIKINA DISHES (everlasting and waknatoy), FILIPINO DISHES (ILOKANO-longganisa-papaitan-igado,dinakdakan, pinakbet,sarabasab,dinengdeng, steamed okra,dinuguan BICOLANO-express-laing, tinomok, bicol callos, pinangat, CEBUANO-sinugba, KAPAMPANGAN-sisig bangus-sisig rice-sisig pork, BATANGENO-tawilis), STEAKS (T-bone and Porterhouse), SEAFOODS-plapla bawang, bangus belly, PASTA (carbonara,spaghetti, bolognese, baked macaroni ), BREWED COFFEE , ICED TEA , FILIPINO BREAKFAST MEAL (Daing, Longganiza, Tocino, Tapa), CHINESE (chopsuey, lumpiang shanghai) MUSHROOM delicacies(crispy mushroom)

Nowadays, their Pandesal is 6php. It is still a reasonable price. It is actually a wheat (flour) Pandesal. Their Ensaymada is now 12php and it is also wheat made. THUMBS UP for the price, size and taste!

”]We didn’t think that the Bangus is served in that size. Awesome!

Leslie told us that we should try Everlasting. We just ordered a small one. I even wondered why it was named like that. I was telling them that maybe it has powers like giving a youthful lifetime (lol) or even an unlimited order of that (haha). Kidding aside, based on my readings, it was named like that because it was made and stored for a period of time before it is served and eaten. Pan de Amerikana’s description of it was:

Everlasting – looks like an “embutido” placed in a “Llanera” and is garnished with pickles and carrots. It was called such because it is the food that is “ever present” in almost all the fiestas and gatherings in Marikina.

It does resemble Embutido. Thumbs up for its youthful powers (lolz)

Panoramic view of Pan de Amerikana (photo by Kristel)

The ambiance was homey and comfortable. With its garden like setting, you can have a more relaxing vibe. PDA excerpt:

If you want to dine in a garden setting (waterfalls, treehouse, rope bridge, koi pond, traviesa benches, old antique wood tables, batibot chairs and tables, tropical rain forest plants, wishing well, Italian colonnade European ruins)

photo by Kristel

It is also known for its jumbo sized chess

photo by kristel

What more can I ask for? Nothing. Ask them if they have Wi-Fi? They have. Awesome right!

Before I forget, They also have Tai chi sessions and Art sessions too. ( I just saw the sign at the entrance).


* The restaurant Marikina branch is considered as the ONE OF THE FIVE CHESS THEMED RESTAURANTS IN THE WORLD Pan de Amerikana bakeshop Main office is at 92 ordonez street Concepcion dos MARIKINA (tel. 475-2398) and now has branches located at Katipunan Avenue Quezon City (tel. 421-1966) and another at Wilson street GREENHILLS San Juan(tel.384-6741). The third branch is located at MAKATI AVENUE corner constellation st. beside Savory.


*We also went to their Katipunan branch which is the UPSIDE DOWN RESTAURANT. It’s smaller than in Marikina Branch though.

  1. March 29, 2012 at 12:11

    Nice place! San pa kaya sila nakakakuha ng mga ganyang seats. Pang 50’s! But I’m more curious about those pictures on the wall. Oldies?

    • March 29, 2012 at 12:21

      The photos posted there were photos of the place and some other places (I can’t remember though) and also some activites which were held there like tai chi sessions. There are also photos of people who visited the restaurant at the ordering station.

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