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Belle and Sebastian: Dear Catastrophe Waitress

March 31, 2012 1 comment

I accompanied my friend into a computer shop in which there are bargain books. I saw an unknown cd. It was Belle and Sebastian’s Dear Catastrophe Waitress. As I hear each song, I remembered one of my favorite book, The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky.

Album Cover

Anyway, the entire album dated 2003 became a reminder that I don’t have to feel sad. I just need to listen to these kind of songs to figure that I am not sad. I just feel uneasy or misunderstood.

I am weird but in a good way I guess. I am not the typical girl next door who likes pop songs or dances to rnb hiphop beats. I am not a rocker chick nor a ballad one. I can’t fully describe what interests me but I know that i’m different from others. 🙂

Belle & Sebastian Dear Catastrophe Waitress: 3.5 thumbs up


Pan de Amerikana (Marikina)

March 29, 2012 2 comments

As promised, I will be blogging about Pan de Amerikana. My friends and I decided to have breakfast here and stay upto 10 am. My bestfriend (Leslie) suggested this as our first stopover eversince we planned the sleepover to her house.

Just a jeepney ride away from her house, we saw it’s Native like exterior.

photo from Pan de Amerikana site

It really does look dreamy even from the outside.

Photo taken using Android app

Upon entering, I was surprised of how spacious it was. The first part that you’ll see is their ordering station and the menu. Their menu caters from breakfast to dinner. With a reasonable price of 50php above, anyone can enjoy a sumptuous meal. Here’s an excerpt of their menu from their site:

If you want to taste authentic 1950’s PAN DE SAL (mega sized wheat P5.50, giant Pandesal Pan Amerikano P55, mega-sized ensaymada P10), MARIKINA DISHES (everlasting and waknatoy), FILIPINO DISHES (ILOKANO-longganisa-papaitan-igado,dinakdakan, pinakbet,sarabasab,dinengdeng, steamed okra,dinuguan BICOLANO-express-laing, tinomok, bicol callos, pinangat, CEBUANO-sinugba, KAPAMPANGAN-sisig bangus-sisig rice-sisig pork, BATANGENO-tawilis), STEAKS (T-bone and Porterhouse), SEAFOODS-plapla bawang, bangus belly, PASTA (carbonara,spaghetti, bolognese, baked macaroni ), BREWED COFFEE , ICED TEA , FILIPINO BREAKFAST MEAL (Daing, Longganiza, Tocino, Tapa), CHINESE (chopsuey, lumpiang shanghai) MUSHROOM delicacies(crispy mushroom)

Nowadays, their Pandesal is 6php. It is still a reasonable price. It is actually a wheat (flour) Pandesal. Their Ensaymada is now 12php and it is also wheat made. THUMBS UP for the price, size and taste!

”]We didn’t think that the Bangus is served in that size. Awesome!

Leslie told us that we should try Everlasting. We just ordered a small one. I even wondered why it was named like that. I was telling them that maybe it has powers like giving a youthful lifetime (lol) or even an unlimited order of that (haha). Kidding aside, based on my readings, it was named like that because it was made and stored for a period of time before it is served and eaten. Pan de Amerikana’s description of it was:

Everlasting – looks like an “embutido” placed in a “Llanera” and is garnished with pickles and carrots. It was called such because it is the food that is “ever present” in almost all the fiestas and gatherings in Marikina.

It does resemble Embutido. Thumbs up for its youthful powers (lolz)

Panoramic view of Pan de Amerikana (photo by Kristel)

The ambiance was homey and comfortable. With its garden like setting, you can have a more relaxing vibe. PDA excerpt:

If you want to dine in a garden setting (waterfalls, treehouse, rope bridge, koi pond, traviesa benches, old antique wood tables, batibot chairs and tables, tropical rain forest plants, wishing well, Italian colonnade European ruins)

photo by Kristel

It is also known for its jumbo sized chess

photo by kristel

What more can I ask for? Nothing. Ask them if they have Wi-Fi? They have. Awesome right!

Before I forget, They also have Tai chi sessions and Art sessions too. ( I just saw the sign at the entrance).


* The restaurant Marikina branch is considered as the ONE OF THE FIVE CHESS THEMED RESTAURANTS IN THE WORLD Pan de Amerikana bakeshop Main office is at 92 ordonez street Concepcion dos MARIKINA (tel. 475-2398) and now has branches located at Katipunan Avenue Quezon City (tel. 421-1966) and another at Wilson street GREENHILLS San Juan(tel.384-6741). The third branch is located at MAKATI AVENUE corner constellation st. beside Savory.

*We also went to their Katipunan branch which is the UPSIDE DOWN RESTAURANT. It’s smaller than in Marikina Branch though.

Marikina Backpacking

March 25, 2012 Leave a comment

I’ve been lurking at home for the past few months. One time, my friends (Leslie and Kristel) and I were posting on facebook about our next meet up. Kristel recently went here at my crib and thought if we could crash at Leslie’s crib next time. So our planning begins.

March 16 and 17.

Kristel and I rode a bus to Baclaran and then Mrt to Cubao station. We met Leslie in Gateway and we decided to go to Marikina Riverbank before night falls.

Kristel and I

Marikina Riverbank is a good place where families and friends can hangout. Staying there is free of charge. There are also activities which you can try like Biking (there is a rental station) and Zipline. There are also food stalls and streetfood vendors if you want something to munch on.

An old train

Biggest shoes

Inside the mall, the biggest shoes were displayed.

We went home, ate dinner and had bonding time. I bought Royal Jelly facial mask from Etude House. After relaxation, we went to sleep. Leslie told us that we have an itinerary for tomorrow. Her Aunt was also good enough to lend us a car and driver. Awesome!

Pan de Amerikana in Marikina

We head early to Pan De Amerikana for our breakfast. Even from the outside, you can see that it is a nice place to stay.I had Tocino while Leslie had Tapa and Kristel had Bangus. We even tried the food ‘Everlasting‘. I even joked them why it was called Everlasting, if it gives everlasting life or youth to those who’ll eat it or if we can eat it to the max (I mean refillable). hehe. Kidding aside. It’s like ‘Embutido’. (I’ll just do a separate post on this place)

After eating, we waited until 10am for the driver. We also went to Pan de Amerikana in Katipunan. It was somehow different from the one in Marikina. We also headed down to the part where the delicacies are found. Leslie bought us ‘Puto‘ for pasalubong.

Our next stop was suppose to be in Marikina Sports Complex but the oval was closed because it was used. We went to the plaza were a big arch is found.

Marikina Arch

Next we went to Cafe Kapitan to take photos and then we went to the Shoe Musuem but unfortunately it was closed on sundays. We decided to have lunch in Cafe Lidia but it will be open 3pm still. So we head back to Cafe Kapitan.

Cafe Kapitan

I treat them lunch as my Graduatation treat. (another post for this).

Oh no. It rained. We headed down to Sta Clara Church. But we didn’t stay long because it was raining hard. We even decided to go home. But we had a trip  around Marikina, Antipolo and Cainta. Our driver told us stories about what happened during Ondoy.

Our next stop was in Loyola Memorial Park. Kristel wanted to visit her grandparents. She told us that there is Last Supper there.

Last Supper

I was surprised to find out that it was so big. Cool. Then we went to search for Kristel’s grandparents.

Yey no more rain. We decided to continue our venture to Marikina Riverpark.

Riverpark view

I didn’t like it that much because the river is dirty. Thumbs down. But despite of that, there were fishers around.

Cafe Lidia

We agreed to take a rest at Cafe Lidia. We’re still full that’s why we just had a drink. (maybe a review of the place in another post)

We said our goodbyes and went home.

Our trip to Marikina was so fun and enjoyable. This trip was one of the most unexpected trip I’ve ever experienced. The tour plus Foodtrip was such an awesome experience.

Thank you for Leslie and Kristel for making this happen.

*All Photos c/o Kristel

*Leslie said, I looked like Dora the explorer because of how I dress and because of the backpack, thus I called myself “Doray the backpacker”


March 23, 2012 Leave a comment

Last March 15,2012 at St Paul University Manila I attended my graduation rites.

FYI, I was really an Octoberian 2011 Graduate of BS Hotel and Restaurant Management Major in Culinary Arts.

Anyway, Graduation is a once in a lifetime experience. I just waited a while to attend it. It didn’t bother me as long as I feel the satisfaction of going up the stage and bragging to people that finally I come up to the end of my Academic years.

Last January, I had my Graduation Photo taken in school

Our school had arranged hair and makeup for us.

I was getting my make up done

The day of Graduation, we had a baccalaureate Mass in the Morning. At 3 o clock in the afternoon, we had the assembly. The program started almost 5 oclock pm.

Marc and I (Photo by Marc's dad using Instax)

I didn’t realized that I don’t have a solo photo during my graduation. 😦 But anyway atleast I have photos with my friends. 🙂

I did my hair and make up for this day. (Thanks Youtube for the Tutorials)

Marian, Marc and I

After graduation, my family and I together with bf had our dinner at Cafe Ilang Ilang in Manila Hotel. (My cousin wasn’t able to upload photos yet.)

Eventhough I didn’t graduate with flying colors, it’s okay. The important thing was I enjoyed every day of my college life. 🙂

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First time in an Art Exhibit Opening

March 21, 2012 4 comments

My boyfriend likes to go to Art Galleries most of the time. Upon seeing an Ad from his contacts, we decided to attend an exhibit opening.

AIAE Homecoming

Last March 05,2012 in Ayala Museum Asian International Art Exhibit was held. Many Filipino Artists participated in this exhibit. One of the artist was Max Balatbat who made Putabangketa.

"Putabangketa" by Max Balatbat

Real Ladies Underwear were used in his work. Cool right. But come to think of it, the message is deep.

There are also some works that caught my attention.

"Punching bag with pacifiers" by Christina Quisimbing Ramilo

"Excubisionist Cat" by Aba Lluch Dalena

"Dambana ni San Miguel" by Ross Capili

One of the most memorable thing happened. We met the artist of this work:

"A Post Traumatic Stress Disorder" by Maxine Syjuco

She was a friend of my boyfriend’s professor in college. We approached her and she gave her calling card to us. WOW! I was starstrucked. I never thought that she was nice. I was sort of intimidated by her beauty. As in.

It was my first time to attend an exhibit opening. It was somehow a cocktail party event but my bf and I were dressed down for the place.. hehe.. I think we also saw some other artists but we didn’t approached them because they were talking to somebody.

But the whole experience is refreshing and cool. 🙂

*All photos were taken by me (Hannah Nacis). Sorry for the low quality photos. I just used my Pentax Optio.