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It’s good to be back

September 30, 2011 Leave a comment

As I read through my last post here, I haven’t notice that it’s been four months since I last posted here. Sorry if I’ve been neglecting my blog. I haven’t got the time in the world last few months. I was too busy with my Practicum training.

From May to July I was a practicum trainee at Tamayo’s Catering in Intramuros. I experienced working both dining and kitchen. I was beginning to understand how hard it is to work. As I get to know people there, I realized that I am fortunate that I have all the time and money to study. Life was easy for me unlike them.

After three weeks, I started my practicum at Dusit Thani Hotel Maniila. The entire time, I was at various kitchen. Bakeshop, Basix and Butchery. I just ended last week. Not only did I gained a lot of knowledge and developed new skills but also I gained a lot of friends. I was having sad moments thinking that I am done in my training. I really had fun with the people I worked with. If I were to choose a working place, I want it to be just like in those kitchen, happy and fun.

I was able to experience a different environment, but something’s not right. Eventhough I am happy with what I did, I think I need other options. Those busy days and slack days in the hotel bore me, somehow.

I’m still trying to know what I really want to do. Maybe for now, I can work in the kitchen. But I want to try other things as well.

I will try my best to keep my blog updated again. Post will be coming up this week. 🙂

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