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Norwegian Wood Book Review

I just finished reading Haruki Murukami’s Norwegian Wood.

I was enticed to read it upon its title. There is got to be something related to The Beatles song, Norwegian Wood.

It was about Toru, telling his story about Naoko and her boyfriend Kizuki (Toru’s bestfriend in higschool). They shared the lose of Kizuki. While Toru finds himself at college, Naoko finds the pressures and responsibilities of life unbearable.Retreats from the real world. The only person who connects her from reality is Toru.

It was written in the last part that it was a love story that bore Haruki’s readers. It was said that it was some retreat from him. But for Haruki, it was a challenge to write a simple love story as opposed to autobiographicals.

I wasn’t aware that despite of how I was enticed with the author because of this book, the comment of the readers that this one is boring didn’t made me stop. But because of Norwegian Wood, I will surely read more of his books.

Reading the last few pages of the book made me feel that somehow I am mature and grown up. I changed since I don’t know when. I just know I did. I can say that at some point in the story, there are funny moments. But come to think of it, nostalgia, sadness and Mono no aware are all present. I think that it is how Japanese interpret their life. Happiness comes for a little while then fades afterwards.

Norwegian Wood: 4 Thumbs Up

*In some parts of the novel, I found myself lost. It’s as if I am still looking for some more thoughts. Anyway, it was a good book. 🙂
*And because I am done reading the book, I will surely watch the movie. I’ve been wanting to do so after seeing its trailer.

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