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A moment with Chicken Adobo

oh my.. you won’t believe it. I cooked Chicken Adobo for lunch and it was my first time (as always).

I asked my friend for their recipe days before, but because I forgot it, I searched for a video in youtube. I used to remember a friend who told me about this..

Hearing this, it may seem to be funny, but anyhow, it did help me cook. My friend replied on my text and told me other procedure to make the adobo. Her mom said that it is better to add vinegar first then the soy sauce. Maybe in my future posts, I can elaborate on recipes. But now, all I want is to share my experience.

I really felt like Julia in the movie. It’s as if every moment that I’m cooking something new, I would share my excitement to others as well as the mishaps I encountered. Maybe in the future I would do a Julie/ Julia project kind of thing. 🙂

Chicken Adobo:  4 thumbs up (almost close to perfection.really.lol)

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