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Casette Tape MP3 Review

May 24, 2011 Leave a comment

My friends and I were strolling the mall while waiting for the time. We passed by Dimensions in Robinson Place Ermita. We saw those colorful things that’s why we went inside to check it out.

There was a toylike radio, Casette Tape MP3 and Robot Speaker. At first, they may seem to be toys and just home ornaments. But checking it, it actually works. Seeing the cute colors and the functions, I decided to purchase the Tape the next time I go there. Maybe as a Birthday present for myself.

You may know for a fact that I cannot leave home without my IPOD or any musical device. My Ipod is almost 5 years old so I really take care of it alot.

My On-the-Job Training (OJT) just started and I was at Tamayo’s Intramuros. Not knowing the place, I think it is best for me to leave my Ipod at home. And because of that, I splurged a little into buying the Casette Tape MP3 from Dimensions.

Hot Pink Casette Tape MP3

Product Specs:

Power supplu- USB rechargeable battery

Item Size: 100 x 63 x 8mm

Operation time: Approx 3 hours

Charging hours: 2 hours

*Needs a Micro SD card for memory

So that’s the Product specs. I just tried it out last night. It does play good tunes. I mean for a toylike mp3, it is a good product for me. It is worth P795. The price didn’t bother me because I just wanted it. I can’t resist its cuteness.. And also it is in many colors such as Hot Pink, Light Blue, Yellow and Green.. I even want to buy them all. hehe. It is made in China and made of Plastic (I think). Just don’t drop it ok. It comes with a USB cord that you can attach to your pc or laptop to charge it. It has also a free earphone. It is very lightweight just like a real casette tape. The battery lasted for almost 3-4 hours. Upload MP3 formats only because it cannot detect other formats. I have a spare Micro SD card so it wasn’t a hassle for me to buy a memory card for this. 🙂

Hope this review helped you in someway. 🙂

Casette Tape MP3: 3Thumbs Up

Let me know what you think of this. 🙂


Norwegian Wood Book Review

May 17, 2011 Leave a comment

I just finished reading Haruki Murukami’s Norwegian Wood.

I was enticed to read it upon its title. There is got to be something related to The Beatles song, Norwegian Wood.

It was about Toru, telling his story about Naoko and her boyfriend Kizuki (Toru’s bestfriend in higschool). They shared the lose of Kizuki. While Toru finds himself at college, Naoko finds the pressures and responsibilities of life unbearable.Retreats from the real world. The only person who connects her from reality is Toru.

It was written in the last part that it was a love story that bore Haruki’s readers. It was said that it was some retreat from him. But for Haruki, it was a challenge to write a simple love story as opposed to autobiographicals.

I wasn’t aware that despite of how I was enticed with the author because of this book, the comment of the readers that this one is boring didn’t made me stop. But because of Norwegian Wood, I will surely read more of his books.

Reading the last few pages of the book made me feel that somehow I am mature and grown up. I changed since I don’t know when. I just know I did. I can say that at some point in the story, there are funny moments. But come to think of it, nostalgia, sadness and Mono no aware are all present. I think that it is how Japanese interpret their life. Happiness comes for a little while then fades afterwards.

Norwegian Wood: 4 Thumbs Up

*In some parts of the novel, I found myself lost. It’s as if I am still looking for some more thoughts. Anyway, it was a good book. 🙂
*And because I am done reading the book, I will surely watch the movie. I’ve been wanting to do so after seeing its trailer.

A moment with Chicken Adobo

May 10, 2011 Leave a comment

oh my.. you won’t believe it. I cooked Chicken Adobo for lunch and it was my first time (as always).

I asked my friend for their recipe days before, but because I forgot it, I searched for a video in youtube. I used to remember a friend who told me about this..

Hearing this, it may seem to be funny, but anyhow, it did help me cook. My friend replied on my text and told me other procedure to make the adobo. Her mom said that it is better to add vinegar first then the soy sauce. Maybe in my future posts, I can elaborate on recipes. But now, all I want is to share my experience.

I really felt like Julia in the movie. It’s as if every moment that I’m cooking something new, I would share my excitement to others as well as the mishaps I encountered. Maybe in the future I would do a Julie/ Julia project kind of thing. 🙂

Chicken Adobo:  4 thumbs up (almost close to

Daddy Long Legs Book Review

May 6, 2011 4 comments

I was so sad that the only book that I was searching is almost out of stock to all bookstores I went. They told me that DLL is made to order or for special order, in this way, it will be more expensive. 😦

I was about to give up, but thankfully, Powerbooks called me saying that it had arrived.

I used to remember the old cartoon Judy Abbott. I always watched it back then.  A friend told me that a sort of Korean Adaptation was made.

Anyway, I think I have this thing about young adults’ books such as Daddy Long legs, The Little Prince, the Secret Garden and such.. Maybe they give me a certain feeling, a feeling of being young, always young. 🙂

Daddy Long Legs by Jean Webster - Random House publisher

Daddy Long Legs is about an orphan named Jerusha(later became Judy) Abbott. She was about to leave the orphanage and thankfully, one Trustee of the home was enticed after hearing her essay. He, then, wants to send Judy to college to become a writer. Judy just needs to write a letter to him once a month to tell him about how she is on her studies. Judy, without seeing him and know nothing about him, only saw his shadow and decides to call him Daddy Long Legs. This novel will bring you to places and will make you see a different point of view (POV).

Jean Webster, the author, being a social activist and such adopts some of her real stories in the novel.

I was totally into it. It is seldom that I finish a book within a day. Like the Little Prince, I was so enticed into Daddy Long Legs that I finished it for almost 10 hours or less. Everytime I see some interesting words, i will look it up in my dictionary(yet i forget them I also got a lot of interesting sayings from the book. Learnings such as about college, friends, love and life are to be seen in the novel. Here are some sayings from the book:

“Some of the girls sell their textbooks when they’re through with them, but I intend to keep mine. Then after i’ve graduated I shall have my whole education in a row in the bookcase and when I need to use any detail, I can turn to it without the slightest hesitation. So much easier and more accurate than trying to keep it in your head.”

“I think that everyone, no matter how many troubles he may have when he grows up, ought to have a happy childhood to look back upon.”

“It is funny how certain places get connected with certain people, and you never go back without thinking of them.”

I did learn a lot from the book. I thought of it as to be an entertainment, but it seems that I was taught with some life lessons.

Daddy Long Legs: 5 Thumbs up!!

* One of the saleslady told me that one publisher have Jean Webster’s Daddy Long Legs and Dear Enemy in one book. I wasn’t aware that Dear Enemy (about Sallie Mcbride-Judy’s roomate) was the sequel of DLL. I’ll buy it as soon as I have my own room.(real soon) 🙂

First attempt on Home cooked meals

May 5, 2011 1 comment

It wasn’t long enough since I became a Hotel and Restaurant Management (HRM) student. It really didn’t occur to me that I will be choosing to major in Culinary Arts. One thing I considered when I chose to shift to HRM is to cook food for my family. Somehow, I am not cooking everytime I’m at I also remembered a saying, “A way to a man’s heart is though his stomach.” hehe.

Anyway, just this week, I’m not sure what really made up my mind to try something. Something that I am not fond of and not well known of. Majoring in Culinary Arts, you may know that I might be good in cooking or so. Well, there’s one secret to tell, I may be good in baking and other dishes but there’s one thing I don’t know, that is home cooked meals. But this week, I tried to cook so. hehe

Thankfully, my dad taught me how to cook rice. Some examples of Home cooked meals are Sinigang (Sour soup fish), Menudo (Pork in tomato sauce), Kaldereta(beef), Tinola,etc.. Honestly, I haven’t tried cooking anything of sorts. It may seem to be funny, but for me, I don’t think so.

I had all my first attempt in cooking Menudo, Puchero and Sinigang. It was almost a week since our ‘kasambahay’ left. Every morning, I wake up and haven’t eaten anything because no food is left in the table. Over the weekend, my mother went to Dagupan for a trip, because of that, my brothers woke me up in my sleep to cook for them. So I decided to cook Menudo. Eventhough I told you that I haven’t cooked any home meals, I think I know how to cook them. I tried to cook. Day after day, everytime our mother is not at home, my brothers would ask me to cook for them. Anyhow, I like to cook and have interest in it especially everytime nobody’s home (or atleast mom and our homebuddy is not around).

I really gave myself a nice pat on the back for cooking home cooked meals. Good work for me. 🙂

Tonight, I remembered a movie entitled Julie & Julia. I haven’t started it but I did get a chance to watch it. Now I know how Julia felt every time she The movie is a nice one for those who wants entertainment as well as tips on cooking and life.

Brief summary of Julie & Julia:

Julia Child’s story of her start in the cooking profession is intertwined with blogger Julie Powell’s 2002 challenge to cook all the recipes in Child’s first book.(

Menudo: 3 thumbs up (no tomato paste next time)

Puchero: 4 thumbs up (nice try. I tried remembering its taste from one restaurant where I’ve eaten it)

Sinigang: 5 thumbs up (I’m not exagerrating, but I think my sinigang tasted somehow that of my dad’s-he cooks the best sinigang I’ve ever tasted)

Julie & Julia: 4 thumbs up

PS: I don’t think it would be likeable if I posted photos of my work.. hehe. post a comment if anything comes up to mind after reading this post. 🙂

Collins Classics (Publisher review)

May 4, 2011 Leave a comment

I like reading classical novels especially during summer. My slack days are filled with Classical novels.hehe. Some publishers offer cheaper rates for classics while others a more expensive copy.

Collins Classic. I can’t find anything about them.amf. All I find is the recordings with the same title..

Anyway, after opening my first copy from them which is Persuasion, I felt that I made the right choice to buy from them. The quality of the paper is nice. The texture of it and the cover made me take care of it more. It has also a mini dictionary of words at the back, yet it hadn’t helped me because most words that I don’t know are not included. It costs P125, a good price for a copy of your favorite classics.

Collins classics: 3 thumbs up 

Persuasion Book Review

May 4, 2011 Leave a comment

After a month of sloppily reading Persuasion by Jane Austen, I’ve just finished it.

It wasn’t long eversince I’ve been wanting to read this book. I don’t have any expectations about the book. I just wanted to read it.

Persuasion by Jane Austen

This classical novel by Jane Austen tells about the life in society in the 18th century. It doesn’t only portrait enduring love but also hope and determination not only by Anne(protagonist) but also of Captain Wentworth. Struggles from family, relatives and friends didn’t stop both from persuading each other.

Just like other novels, it ends after a quick climax. The exposition part is really longer than the climax upto the ending. This made it enticing (for me perhaps).

Somehow, the story itself made the writer of the Lakehouse (Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock) include it in the plot of the movie. 🙂

Persuasion: 3 THUMBS UP!