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Back on Track (Book Review)

It was not long enough since I read Ru dela Torre’s Roadtrip. It is a Religious book with a fun way to spread the Good News. Mr. Ru used his personal experiences as a way to tell stories and relating them to God’s goodness.


Upon passing the bookstore OMF, I found out that he has another book, BACK ON TRACK.

Back on track

Back on track tells about how one turns again to God for a U-turn, a stopover and a journey back to track. Lessons on turning back, stopping for a while and waiting. These were some of the things that I learned.

After reading the book, it all occurred to me that throughout my healing and recovery process in a heartbreak, there are these people who guided me throughout. They never let me down. They prayed for me. They shared their stories. They shared a life with God.

It was not that easy to be back on track. Back then, I was losing hope on standing up again. I thought i can’t atleast. But thanks to those people who stayed, I was up and running again.

I also learned about Waiting being a process. It is a step by step process. The point of waiting makes it more encouraging to happen. I am waiting with anticipation. Waiting for something to happen, yet I still do things to make it happen.

Sir Ru did explain well how ‘again’ is one of the most powerful word. Today, i will use it to say, I am inspired again. 🙂

BACK ON TRACK: 5 Thumbs up

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