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Should I choose your love or LOMOlove?

I was thinking on whether to post anything personal here in my blog. But because tonight I’m inspired, I would really would like to share some info on something that I love, PHOTOGRAPHY.

It wasn’t long enough since I started shooting. Well, actually, ever since I was in elementary, I remembered my very first camera (actually it was a family camera). Every time there is an ocassion, I will always bring atleast 2-3 rolls of 36shot film. For my graduation in highschool, I asked for a digital camera.

My first scenery shot from my Kodak Digicam

Not until I transferred to another school that I realized that I need something to do, something new.

I saw an Episode of ‘Wer U At’ wherein they featured this weird looking cute toy cam. After that episode, well, I forgot all about it. 😛

Anyway, my favorite Teen Magazine, Seventeen, featured some LSI and non lsi camera. That’s when I discovered again Lomocameras. I searched and searched for photos and each just inspired me more to purchase a Lomocam. But because I’ve saved enough, I purchased my 2nd Digital Camera Point and Shoot in August 2008, a handier camera.

On September 28,2008 I purchased Holga 120 GCFN.

I had a not so good result from my first few rolls.


From singapore trip

But as months passed, I think I improved.


shot using Vivitar Ic 100 loaded with Fujifilm Sensia in Quezon

I have more uploaded photos in my Multiply account and my Facebook but I keep it private and for friends only for security purposes. 🙂

I did purchased more Analog cameras. I don’t have anything against digital. But I’m more at ease using Analog cameras. The urge of waiting for my films to get develop is one of the amazing feelings I felt. 🙂

One of my digital shots that I passed in Manila Bulletin’s Picture Perfect

I think it was 2009 when I decided I would like to have a Lumix LX camera. So I’ve been saving for it for a while, and luckily my Suki is selling it secondhand for a half price. I couldn’t asked for more.

Until now, I am deciding to buy more film cameras whether Lomo or not.

I want to impart my love for Photography to others given a chance. I would do it for free (or maybe not until I go pro.lol). I would like to inspire people as I’ve been inspired by some. 🙂

Keep the passion burning. Live it, Love it, Rock it. 🙂


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