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Tasty Dumplings Foodtrip and Review

It’s time for another review. This time, I’m going to tell you something about a restaurant and its food.

During one of Marc and I trip using the Team Manila Map of Binondo, we headed down to the streets for a walkathon, adventure and foodtrip. Waiting for our friend, Andrew, made us hungry.

We search for a restaurant near Binondo Church. We headed to TASTY DUMPLINGS. Based from the Map, it was rated as an affordable costing restaurant


I asked the waiteress what is their specialty. She recommended their Porkchop Noodles. At first, I thought that the porkchop is really in the noodles. It was separate.


I thought it would taste like the usual noodle with soup. But it was sumptuous and I can tell that it was freshly made. I mean the noodle itself tastes good. Its soup is well seasoned and not salty unlike others. Every gulp of it makes me ask for more.

happyfoodies.com (sorry i wasn't able to take good photo of this so i used another source)

The porkchop was unlike the others which are oily and has more fats. This porkchop is thinly sliced, well breaded with I think japanese crumbs. It’s tasteful.

Worth almost P105, I was totally satisfied.

For our next visit, I ordered Spare ribs Noodles. I told you I can’t get enough of their soup.

Spare Ribs Noodles

Like the Porkchop Noodles, it tastes different from the usual over seasoned noodle soup. The Spare Ribs was cooked perfectly. It was soft and tasteful. I thought it tastes weird at first, but the second bite made up my thoughts that I liked it.

Its price is P105. I think the tossed noodle (Noodle with sauce comes with the separate soup) costs P113. Based from Marc’s face, I saw satisfaction.

Too bad I wasn’t able to have a photo of my beverage. But I would really recommend their Winter Melon Juice. It is one of the best drink that I ever tasted. 🙂

I would also recommend their dumplings and hongma. It tastes freshier and juicier than that of other.

Offering a variety of food from sidings, rice meals and their sumptuous Noodles, anyone will surely enjoy eating without over spending.


** I would surely come back here once in a while. I would consider this as one of my NOODLE HEAVEN. 🙂

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