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Human Rangefinder and Big Bad Blogger(yeah im pissed)

This morning, I check my facebook and found some interesting links that I would like to share.

Because I am also a Rangefinder user, this link was very helpful. I haven’t tried it but one of my friends recommends it. I’ve been having a find time in metering and sorts so I need to try this soon.

This next link was about Big Bad Blogger. Upon reading this, I was amf up. I was a blogger eversince. I am using my blog as a journal of most things that I do, like and experience. But never in my mind did I thought of using it as a blackmail to anyone. I think those people are jerks for that matter. Why not use blogging to sell or to evenearn something from it right.. How would you feel if something like that happens to you(like in Georgia’s place)?

(just tell me if you want me to link more videos,music, photos,write ups and such here in my blog)

  1. Nicoli
    February 12, 2011 at 22:10

    Hello. Im Nicoli. I get paid $25 to $50 for creating blog posts just like this one. Curious? We are hunting new talent.
    We pay weekly.
    Get Started Here

    • February 13, 2011 at 17:37

      thank you for letting me know about this one. probably I can be motivated to write if I actually get paid. 😛

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