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Cool down songs.Chill time.

December 28, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Because of someone, I had a ‘badtrip’ moment. I did the breath in breath out thing to calm myself. I was totally angry. as in ‘gigil.’ The only thing I thought of doing was to grab my ipod and listen to music.

I played the Embrace album of Urbandub. It absolutely calmed me down. I just don’t know how Urbandub penetrates me everytime I’m angry, sad or in short, too emotional.

After hearing one song of Pale Yellow Light, I remembered a foreign band that almost sounds like them. I was still at a friend’s house. Upon my search on my ipod, I saw some songs and played it. These made me chill and relax more:

1. The tracks of My tears

2. Kiss me – Sixpense none the richer

3. Bizarre Love Triangle – Frente

4. Ain’t no Mountain High Enough

5. Everyday is a Winding Road –  Sheryl Crow

6. Am I the same girl – Swing out sister

I’ll just tell you what happened to my song/band searching later on. 🙂

*I don’t usually hear this songs and I didn’t even download it. These were just pre loaded on my ipod.

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