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Music Playtime

December 22, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

I’ll be playing this again.. (Out of boredom)

Directions: Turn your ipod or playlist into Shuffle mode. To answer the questions, simply click onto the next song.

1. What do you tell the first person you see?

– Waiting for Somebody byPaul Westerberg (haha)

2. What comes to mind when you see your crush?

– Simply Amazing by Martin Nievera (I know right)

3. The song that probably will be played on your funeral?

– What can I do to make you love me by The Corrs (Will I be dead after a break up)

4. What is your heartbreak song?

– Sorry for the stupid things by Babyface (I think it is for the one who broke my heart to me)

5. This makes me happy:

– The Harder I try the bluer I get by Free Movement (Cute melody though)

6. This makes me sad:

– Think of Laura by Christopher Cross (lonely song.hoho)

7. What makes you get out of bed?

– Friday I’m in Love by The Cure (One of my favorite)

8. Song for my bestfriend:

– Una by Spongecola (lol. I’m straight ok.haha)

9. My bathroom song:

– Imma put it on her by Day 26 feat Yung Joc & Diddy (makes me want to dance)

10. I’m brainwashed by it:

– Can’t lose you by F4 (whatda? I don’t even know its meaning.lol)

11. Most joyful song I’ve heard

– One step at a time by Jordan Sparks (I know right.cool)

12. It inspires me

– Undone by Lifehouse (ok.)

13. God’s message for me today

– Why by Secondhand Serenade (hmmm..)

14. It makes me hungry

– You know what to do by The Beatles (lol.. hoho.)

15. Let’s stop and talk awhile song

– In my life by Rubber Soul ( yeah right)

**Somehow, some songs where too funny for an answer. but I had fun doing this.


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