Taking Back Tuesdays: My Writing Adventure

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I have a good memory for when I started writing.This skill/ talent isn’t innate in me but I just developed it through the years. I think my whole totality started to come out since I started writing as well.

Back in my gradeschool, I used to be this awkward smart nerd in school whom everyone doesn’t notice (I think that I was invisible to them). Like one of my friends said, I talk to people which means I’m all over the place, thus, no permanent friends. Gradeschool in the Philippines is somehow like that. Every year you make new friends then mostly neglect your old friends. I even didn’t notice that not until my best friend now told me that I became a snob after Grade 2. hahaha. So much for being a friend ae. I think I just stopped being a snob and started opening up to people since Grade 5 and 6. From there, I developed close friends. I was less of the awkward girl that I used to be. lol. I think people started liking me in a good way atleast. I remembered one of our teacher gave us this activity wherein you divide a box into positive and negative. Your classmates can write to you on a piece of paper what they like or hate about you or if you did something nice or bad to them. Positive things sent to you should be folded and thrown into the positive side while a crumpled paper is into the negative side. More positive than negative things is a good start right.That’s when I started understanding myself better. Unknowingly, they like me as being nice, generous, helpful and a good friend.

When I started my Freshmen year in Highschool, we had a teacher who was also our adviser, Ms Helen. She gave us this weekly assignment of keeping a journal/diary in which she is the only one who can read it. I kept on writing and writing about stuff, people, etc in it. No hesitations. No regrets. It seems that it was my only pathway to expressing myself, my true self. I mean I’m not pretentious or anything. I’m just reserved and I have a hard time trusting people. Anyway, I started writing heaps and heaps. A page was not enough to tell everything. haha. Back then I wasn’t aware that there was an online community for writing,thus, blogging.

After that assignment, I started keeping a journal. Even though I tried hiding it from my brothers,they still find it anyway. So I stopped writing. That’s when I found out about Blogs. Since then I have a love hate relationship on my blogs. There was a time in which my friend got mad at me because of a post I made about her. Afterwards, that’s I became careful posting stuff.

My previous blogs were confused. No certain category. No Tabs. No anything besides me sharing stuff. That’s why I started this Blog.

My blog is my personal space. I get lost every time I compose something here. I can go to places, try out things, and be with people all around the world. You reading my blog is like me being vulnerable to you. I’m not good into opening up to people personally, but in writing, I can fully express and can find the right words to explain almost everything. :)



Butterfly Effect: “This is who I am now”

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Love. Hate. Change. That's Life (Photo by Hannah Nacis, LCA+)

Love. Hate. Change. That’s Life (Photo by Hannah Nacis, LCA+)


It’s like I’m reading a book, and it’s a book I deeply love, but I’m reading it slowly now so the words are really far apart and the spaces between the words are almost infinite. I can still feel you and the words of our story, but it’s in this endless space between the words that I’m finding myself now. It’s a place that’s not of the physical world, it’s where everything else is that I didn’t even know existed. I love you so much, but this is where I am now, and this is who I am now. – Samantha (Her)

A friend of mine reminded me about the movie “Her.” Months ago, Theodore split up with his wife and childhood friend. Then he came to purchase an Operating System in which programmed to suit his needs. He chose a female OS, thus, Samantha. Being at ease with each other, they fell inlove and come to a realization that the world (Human and Cyber) is large and there is still other beings living in it.

Being in my situation now that I’m still hurting and trying to cope up with personal things, I came to ponder more upon watching this movie.

People may see me as a jolly, cheerful and optimistic person. I am, but some time, I became this anti social, lonely and depressed person. All do pass this stage in life I guess.

Just last July, I left Philippines again and moved to Melbourne Australia. It didn’t occur to me that this time it is going to be different. I am going to be different. Since I came here, a lot had happened. As I said on my previous post, my first few days were my happiest. I haven’t felt that way in a really long time. New place, new degree, new friends, new adventure. But with this new life, I still have my family and friends to think about. I live far from them but my life is still connected to them. They’re a part of me.

Reading this quote from the movie made me just nod. I mean, I am in her position right now. I can’t help the changes happening. I wanted to discover more things. I left someone special back home but it seems that we couldn’t make things work as of now. I’m trying to contain something from our relationship but I can’t find one. Just doubts on myself. Feeling confused, I still can’t figure out anything. How love works or how people sustain it.

In another movie, it was said that your love for someone will remain but is never the same as before. Change is inevitable. It’s either you grow together or you drift apart. It’s your choice. I wasn’t sure if we drifted apart. But I believe that we aren’t growing together anymore. Someone else was left behind. That’s a reality I can’t control.

I can say that I haven’t really changed a lot. I mean I just learned to express myself more here in Australia. I haven’t been this true to myself ever. I can blurt out things instantly now. I’ve been spontaneous with things especially with life. I interact with people now and try not to be so anti – social most of the time. I think people or my other friends just misconstrued my true self as change.

I always say that most of the time, people around you change and it’s you who isn’t. This might be true in some cases. But I realized that we both change. It is so abrupt that you just get surprised.

Change. Love. Hate. That’s LIFE.

P.S. I admit my fault and I said sorry for leaving and hurting him. :(

“Even Misfits can fit in”: Benny & Joon (Movie Review)

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It was a gloomy morning for me. The sun is behind the clouds and it is somewhat raining. I slept last night wondering of things and woke up feeling the same thing.

After two hours of slacking into my bed, I pulled myself up and made toast and tea for breakfast. I looked for a decent movie (in my landlords collection).


That’s when I found an old movie called “Benny and Joon.” You know how I do my reviews ae. I don’t put a summary or plot here on my blog but instead find things to ponder within that movie. To tell you honestly, I still can’t find the proper words for this review. haha

I have been fascinated with movies that are about Psychological problems and Misfits.A factor why I liked the movie was because of Johnney Depp. He is really a great actor. He had portrayed lots of characters throughout the years.

“She paints, she reads, she sets things on fire.” – Benny

Being mentally ill, Joon just does a routine everyday. Most days she just does these things. Hey what’s wrong with these? Ain’t these so fun and relaxing yeah. (excluding the fire part. lol)

“Having a Boo Radley moment, are we?” – Joon

I still remember him from the book “To Kill a Mockingbird.” Everyone seems to be fascinated with him even though most are scared. Like I am, misunderstood by people as being antisocial or too introvert at times, I like to detach myself to people and be alone. I always tell people that sometimes I just need to step back to see the reality. You can understand life more by doing such. Same with people, you can understand someone once you get to know him personally. Never be judgemental on things, people and life.

“Joon: Did you have to go to school for that?

Sam: No, no, I got thrown out of school for that.”

There are things that are not learned from school. People have either innate talent or developed skill. Sometimes, those people who are pulled down by others are the ones who push themselves more to be better. :)

“He keeps me up at night watching stupid old movies, my work is starting to suffer.” – Mike

There are times when you found someone to be a bit burden on you, and sometimes you can’t see their importance because you’re blinded with things. Giving them a chance to show their skills and capabilities. You might even discover that he/she is a blessing in disguise. :)

On Misfits:

I think I am an example of Misfit person. I’m not too mainstream or too hipster. I’m the “In Between.” I don’t pretend to be someone I’m not just to fit in. I have my own pace in life and in almost everything. Misunderstood by people, I developed this attitude of “I don’t care if they’re talking about me.” Of course I still do care about what they think of me but I’m not pretentious. I can’t say that I am eccentric like Sam (Depp). But I know I’m indifferent. you don’t need to explain yourself. Be who you are. Show them what you’re capable.


For the first time in Forever: Hi Melbourne

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I am starting my blogpost with a big SORRY!!! I was suppose to update you guys when I went back to the Philippines last March. But due to my netbook being dysfunctional and me procrastinating, I haven’t really got any update on my beloved blog. (I might blog about my summer vacation in the Philippines some other time. I mean I can make a travel/location post about those anyway.)

Whenever some thing new happens into my life, that is when I begin to post again.

So here I am again in a new place and back to University to study. After almost 3 months of vacation in the Philippines, I pushed through my plan on going back to Australia. But now, I moved to a new city, Melbourne, Victoria.

Unlike in Bunbury, I didn’t know anyone there which made my first few months hard and lonely. A few years back, I tried to contact my childhood classmate, Vincent, whom I knew moved to New Zealand. To my surprise, their family moved to Melbourne.We started messaging each other when I decided that I wanted to come back and this time in Melbourne.

On July 17, I finally arrived. He offered to pick me up from the airport and was so kind to let me stay in their place for a few days.

I had no expectations towards the city. I just came here to work and study. Saturday, we decided to go to the city. Since I’m not a fan of shopping malls, I told him to bring me to places wherein we can also shoot (photo).

Starting the day with Brunch at Trotters in Lygon street. Every bite of Gnocchi Beef Ragu is a spoonful.

And because we’re both photo enthusiasts, he decided to bring me into a camera museum in Michael’s

Overwhelmed with cameras. haha (Photo by Vincent)

One of the most photographed place in the city

Federation Square. Sometimes, performers are here

Degraves street

I think the highlight of our tour/shoot that day is the Graffiti walls:

Im so happy in this photo. Hosier Lane (Photo by Vincent)

We went to Union Lane and Hosier Lane. I think these graffiti changes everytime.

After a long day, Chicken Curry (forgot where we ate. Too hungry and tired.lol)

Melbourne Central (Mall) has this old train station look.

After a day of walking, talking and shooting, Vincent decided to take me to Brunetti to try something.

“His Tiramisu and Her Cheesecake”

I will have a separate post about Brunetti and their Tiramisu in Heaven. lol

This was a great start for me. I haven’t felt this rush in a long time. I even said that I thought I was still dreaming. I really can’t find the right words to describe everything in one post so I will try my best to post as much info next time. I think I’m too overwhelmed of everything until now.haha

**Hopefully, my next posts will have better photo quality and more informative. haha.

To see more about Melbourne, check out this link.

The Makeup Junky in me

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“Makeup is meant to enhance your features.”

It wasn’t long ago that I discovered that I love makeup. I don’t wear heavy makeup whenever I’m at school. Even at work, I don’t need to because no point in putting up a face at the Kitchen. Haha. Anyway, I think it started when I wanted to change my makeup routine in college. I was breaking out most days. I turned on my laptop and browsed my internet to search for a suitable makeup for sensitive skin. That’s when I discovered Mineral Makeup. Since then I was hooked on makeup. I saved my allowance to buy a decent Makeup brush set.

Nowadays I just wear a lot of eye makeup and just use BB Cream, concealer, blush and mascara. But when I dress up I wear a complete look of course.

The only time that I can dress up nowadays is when I’m on my rest day and going somewhere.


Etude House Skin Malgeum Smoother, Neutrogena Oil Free Moisturizer Combination Skin, Etude House Sunprise Cotton Touch Powder Cream Primer

When going to work, I just do my daily Toner, Moisturizer and Face Sunscreen. hmm Did I say I am an Etude House fan? haha. Korean makeup is good for my skin anyway.


MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural in Medium Dark, Garnier BB Cream in Medium, Ever Bilena Mousse Concealer in Honey Beige, Ellana Intensive Coverage Loose Mineral Concealer and Foundation in Almond Latte

My first MAC makeup was this face powder and its Mineralized. haha.

To add color to my face:


MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural in Dark, Stila Convertible Color, Shawill Makeup Blusher 004, Ellana Blush in Bloom Mineral Powder Blush Happiness

I need to contour because of my chubby cheeks hehe. Shawill’s makeup is very pigmented for a cheap price.

Eye Enhancers:


Maybelline Eyestudio lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner 01 Black, BH Cosmetics Eye Shadow Primer, In2It Waterproof Eyebrow Color 01 Eyebrowns, Nichido Mineral Kohl Pencil Onyx, Rimmel Scandal Eyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal 005 Nude, Essence Long Lasting Eye Pencil 02 Hot Chocolate, Covergirl Lash Blast Fusion and Lash Blast Volume

My simple makeup includes these stuff. I mean the nude and brown liner, browkit and brown mascara for a natural look.

The palettes that I love:


Pinkies Collection (Not sure what are the names), Beauty Cosmetics 88 Neutral Palette

Because I love Neutrals. This 88 Palette was my first eyeshadow palette I think. Look at that brown shadow almost hitting pan so I am still looking for a similar color as my contour shadow.


BH Cosmetics 120 Color Palette 2nd edition

I just woke up one day and realize that I barely wear color on my eyes and it’s time for me to try other colors besides the neutrals.


BH Cosmetics Malibu California Makeup Palette Collection

This palette is good for travelling. It has neutrals and pop of colors, has a blush and highlighter as well. Love the turquiose blue btw.


Carmex moisture lip balm, Maybelline Baby Lips Color, Hawaiin Tropic Lip Balm Stick Sunscreen, Etude House Soft Touch Auto Lipliner (Pink nude), Color Essence(Not sure what shade), Fashion 21 Color Mood Mystical Mauve. Wet n Wild 906D, Essence Lipstick 01 Coral Calling

I love Lip products especially lip balms. I always have carmex or anything on my bag. And I am not a fan of red lipstick. Im more of a pink girl. hihi


Nyx Matte Finish Fini Mat, Etude House Lip and Eye Remover

Because I am Oily skin, I need a decent finishing spray. And of course I need makeup remover. hehe

Most days, I would just go with concealer, brows and lip balm and off I go. haha

“You can still look perfect even without makeup. Natural beauty is awesome.”

Taking Back Tuesdays: It’s “About Time”

January 28, 2014 Leave a comment

I wasn’t sure what to watch these days. So I tried to look for movies about life. I wanted to be inspired with my life. I’ve been slacking around most days of my life. I mean all I do is work work work and I forgot how to live a happy life with family and friends.

Thinking of what category this post be, I was torn between “Taking Back Tuesdays” or “The Butterfly Effect”, But I decided it suits more on the first. Time Travel. hehe

If you’re a fan of Time Traveler’s Wife and Butterfly effect, I’m sure that you will like the movie “ABOUT TIME”.

I am not a big believer of second chances, But what if we can undo things and do something else better? Would you do it like what Tim did in finding his life partner, to his sister and to other people? Or will you just live everyday like it is your last?

If I were to travel back in time, I would probably do the exact things that he did. But changing those events has butterfly effect on others. The saying “You Only Live Once” is a good Mantra in life ei. Things we did and regret don’t necessarily mean that it’ll ruin some things in the present or future. It only means that we should make things better in the future.

Like Tim, whenever I miss my dad, I wanted to turn back time to the fun memories we had.

I wanted to spend quality time with my dad badly, but I think I wasn’t able to do so. I can’t remember a time that we spent a day, just the two of us doing something fun or maybe we had spent it but I was too young to remember things. Then again, I still remember the times when he sends and picks me up from school and stopping over to buy food. One of the memorable things that I remember was when I stayed at the boarding house for an entire month and he called me and asked how am I doing at college and when will I be back home. He told me that he’ll cook my favorite food “Sinigang” when I come back. It was the first time that he called to check on me because usually my mom was the one checking.

If I were to choose my life partner, probably I would also do what Tim did. Haha. Lol.

Photo by Hannah Nacis

I mean making things perfect or right for that one person you love. The imperfections of you and your partner is what makes your relationship interesting so why change it. It’s just up to you how you can use those to grow together or fall apart.

And lastly, turning back time for someone’s happiness would be a good idea.

Photo by Teo Esguerra

Don’t be too selfish ei. Helping other people to be happy is also fulfilling don’t you think. But never try to do something if you’ll just end up hurting people for one’s sake. If you have no idea how to help, rather wait for that person to ask for it instead.

Watching this movie makes me want to live my life to the fullest. I mean making it more worthwhile, living the moment and appreciate things and people more. I often forget that the simpliest things are the things that’ll make you happy most of the time. Passing thru the superficial things is hard, but once you get a hang of it, it’s quite nice as well. Make ordinary things extraordinary. Turn bad experiences to good memories.

In reality, we just have to deal with everything and everyone that comes in our way. We just simply need to live life not as how others want it to be but how we want to live our life.


Also Check out Teo’s tumblr portfolio

Strangeness Tag

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Once again, I was tagged by my friend Fatima of Rebelspot. I have an idea on what this tag would be because I saw her friend’s blog when I stumbled on it. To do this tag, go to your Site Stats and click on the search engine terms to see how people ended up in your blog using search engine.

I saw my Search engine summaries and found out that some of my book reviews were on top.

Daddy Long Legs – DLL review, novel, book report, juddy abbott cartoon

Peksman Mamatay ka Man Nagsisinungaling ako – review, summary, eros atalia books

People in the Philippines ended up on my blog because of my restaurant review:

Pan De Americana

The thing that I couldn’t believe was that people found me because of my one and only Makeup post. I am no beauty guru but I love makeup, so as 1M other ladies. haha:

Beauty: Going Natural

ever bilena bb cream, shawill cosmetics, etude house, royal jelly mask and soft touch auto lip liner, nichido eyeliner how to apply nichido white eyeliner, best foundation  for oily skin in the Philippines, nichido matte lipsticks, Clinique bb cream swatches, mineral foundation dark skin, bb cream for oily skin, ETC

How to, where to, what, which search terms:

Good place in binondo to shoot

How to make homemade postcard (Postcards)

Which should I read first peksman or ligo na u

How to go to Binondo from Intramuros

How much rental bike in Marikina riverbanks

Where to buy everlasting Marikina

How to go to Pan de Amerikana QC

How to go to Escolta Ice Cream and snacks from binondo church

How to get a practicum at dusit ( It’s good to be back)

Some weird terms I found:

Batibot Chairs (Maybe because of Pan de Amerikana)

Scritta help me destroy you (what?)

Facebook I like Daria (I love Daria. “I almost look likes Daria”)

God saved me (Okay people get inspired on some of my post. Hehe)

Dambana ni San Miguel by Rossi Capili (I have no post about his one. Haha)

My first day ojt at dining restaurant is so hassle (I did post about my ojt experience)

Photos of an autistic 15 yo boy (oh because of one of my book review “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the night time”)

People eating in a restaurant (Yeah I do love eating you know)

Together us once (haha)

Photo Bombing lol (????)

Legsbook.com (?!?!?!?!?!)

Indian Cooking site

Beautiful things don’t mitty (haha wrong grammar ei? “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”)

So eventhough my blog isn’t that popular, atleast people find it because of these posts. haha

So I don’t know who to tag but here:






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